Assignment on Customer Relationship Management

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“Implementation of Electronic Customer Relationship Management(ECRM) system for improving poor customer services of BritishTelecommunication (BT)”.1|Page
ABSTRACTMaintaining strong customer association isone of the major requirement of organizationfor getting success and improvingperformance of the firm. British Telecom isfacing issue of poor customer service so, thecurrent research study wants to determine therole of ECRM in improving the customerrelationship management of BT. Majorobjective of this study is to determinemajoradvantages of ECRM system for BT.Further,research has also identified themajorchallenges which may affect theimplementation process of ECRM system.Author has conducted review of literature forresolving research issue and attaining allobjectives. Author has found that majorbenefits ofECRMarerecognising newopportunities, needs and requirements ofcustomers. Resolving customer’s issue,marketing and promotion, integrationof database management are also considered asbenefits of ECRM which help in developingrelations with customers. But, on the otherhand,technological changes, training anddevelopment of employees are considered asmajor challenge for BT. so, company needs tofocus on adopting suitable strategies forresolving these issues.Keywords:ECRM, customer service, E-service, service experience, customeroriented.INTRODUCTIONProject management means a process ofmanaging a specific project of organizationfor resolving business problem or attainingspecific objectives in effective manner. But, itis not an easy task for manager so, it requiresin-depth research on every aspect ofprojection. The current research is also basedon literature review on project managementand regarding this author has chosen BritishTelecommunication (BT) which is one of theleading organization of telecom industry ofUK. It is facing issue of poor customerservices. Traditional way of customerrelationship management methods is currentlyfollowed by BT but it is not an appropriateway for managing customer’s and their needsand requirements. So, for improving poorcustomer service BT wants to implementECRM system. So, the current research willinclude different aspects of thisimplementation project. Major objective ofthis project will be conducting criticallyanalyse of the customer services of Britishtelecommunication. Further, focus will alsobe given on major reasons behind poorcustomer services of BT. Research willinclude appropriate literature on major1|Page
advantages of ECRM system for BT.Including this, major challenges which mayaffect the implementation process of ECRMsystem will also be considered as importantsection of this research.LITERATURE REVIEWBritish Telecom has invested huge amount ofmoney for improving customer experienceand poor customer service of the organization.But, still low level of customer satisfaction,inappropriate management of demand andsupply of the organization, inapt experiencesof consumers are the major issue in managingcustomer relations. Author has decided toconduct literature review for getting insightsto understand the research issue and gettinganswers of every research question inappropriate way. For completion literatureauthor has used a literature search strategywhich has included inclusion and exclusioncriteria, search terms, etc. this strategy hashelped in getting most appropriate evidencefor review of literature. As per this strategyresearcher has included all those researcharticles which are relevant to the currentresearch subject and published after 2000(Sadgrove, 2016). Along with this, all thesearticles must be written in professionalEnglish language. All those articles whichhave not followed all these criteria haveexcluded by researcher. Along with this, asper the search term strategy author has usedkey words which can be used by researcherfor finding relevant research articles.Therefore, this strategy has helped in gettingmost appropriate research paper for the wholeinvestigation.Ojiako and Maguire, 2009 has conductedstudy on customerexperienceof BritishTelecom. Major objective of this study wasinvestigating customer oriented strategies thatfacilitate the enhancement of serviceexperience. Along with this, it has alsofocused on emergence of the customerexperienceof BT. For attaining theseobjective research papers has followedappropriate methodology such as it hasapplied exploratory research design becauseresearch problem was not defined properly.Along with this for collecting data author hasused the case study and focus group method.Therefore, researcher has used both primaryand secondary data collection methods. Inwhich customer focus group was consideredas sample of the study (Ojiako and Maguire,2009). Including this, inductive approach hasbeen followed by researcher because studywas based on research question rather thanhypothesis testing. For analysing collecteddata study has used qualitative techniquewhich helped in conducting logical,2|Page
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