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RUNNING HEAD: Leadership style1Name of the student-Topic-Leadership styleUniversity Name-
Leadership style2IntroductionWith the ramified changes and complex business factors, each every organization ishiring leaders to get all the organizations work done by others employees in organization.There are several leadership styles which are followed by different leaders for the bettermentof the organization. This report reflects the key intents on the situations leadership and howwell company could increase the overall productivity by implementing proper level ofleadership style. There are several other factors such as perception of employees,organizational factors and other external factors of business. If leaders could showcase theright path to employees of organization then employees could not only increase the overallproductivity but also increase the overall efficiency of business.Thesis statementHow Contemporary leadership situation could add value to the leadership intents?
Leadership style3There are several situations in which I have used my leadership style in my personaland professional life. Situational leadership is an adaptive leadership style that encourages theleaders to take stock of their team members, weigh the many variables and chose theleadership intents that best suit the goals and objectives of organization. Situation leadershipis the model which is more of the factors which considers employee’s development,identifying local and national factors of business for the betterment of organization (Renko, etal. 2015).Contemporary leadership situationThroughout my life, I have faced various problems and issues in my life. My last jobwas in Lucky Café in which I was appointed as line manager to navigate employees toperfume their tasks in easy and determined approach. During my time in that company, Iobserved that I was very good in convincing employees in effective manner. I consider thatwhen employees are given work in team then at that time they are most probable to faceconflict with each other. In one of the situation, when three employees are stuck in onesituation and were having three solutions to solve that problem, they had conflict with eachother. At that time, I realised that one of the employee was having the best solution to solvethat particular problem. I consider that options and convinced other employees with all thepros and cons of that options. In the end, all of those employees were favourably agree withthat options and shown positive reply after understanding all the associated factors. This levelof my working made me realised that I could easily pursue others to do their work and foundthat i have intent to influence other persons in positive manner (Bhatti, et al. 2012).
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