Implications of Digital Technology on Business Functions

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Individual Reflection
ReflectionDigital technology is getting expand with a course of time which need to understand andunderpin by management properly so that further expansion could be done properly. Fordetermine the nature of market I used to understand the implications of digital technology onbusiness functions. DYSON Ltd. is one of an association established in 1987 and deal inelectronic house appliances. Recently it found that company produce such kind of vacuumcleaners whom lead to get charge for 1 hour and then operated with long lasting 4 hours. At thetime while, this project is getting consulted, various kinds of things getting done proper where assome are not. This is a group work where we 4 girls work together and create a best example ofteam, working and team building. Although, we follow the Tuckman Model of team formulation.Coordination among us was fabulous and excellent where we all work with appropriatecoordination. Moreover, we divide the work between us properly like I am not able to walk justbecause I am pregnant so my work is to gather information through internet sources. The wholeproduct description and services related matter of fact written and organise by me. I am verygood in research through internet sources which define as major reason of mine to define andstudy about the product in better and suitable manner. I am a shine person which used to growand develop my growth in each and every field area. Although, I am quite emotional as wellwhich create barrier in my working. Like most of the time I felt that such girls used to takeadvantage of my condition. But not everything went well while doing this project as in our initialdays we face so much problem to work in a group. I am an emotional person which made me crydue to distance among between us as one of them was quite loud and get angry on little things. Iwas not able to handle such consideration with a define course of time and made me cried. One of them provided suggestion that to create an appropriate and suitable team we needto adopt a model and then implement into our real life consideration. This define as major reasonof us to adopt the Tuckman model of team working which enable us to made an appropriate unitwhich further promote this project succession. I understand the Tuckman model properly andmade it understand to 3 of them as well. The first stage define about the formulation of team where forming is a place. Thus, allteam members were polite with each other and wants to know about each one of them. We allwere new to each other and does not know about much. This stage of forming where four of1

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