The Importance of Globalization in Higher Education

Added on - 16 May 2020

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1GLOBALIZATIONSummaryThe article helps in analyzing the different factors that has affected the culture. The twofactors are immigration along with globalization. Globalization is defined as the system ofcomplex connections among different countries. It happens both in cultural and economic level.It has been identified in the article that globalization has huge effect on working individuals whowork for multinational companies. Globalization has profound effect on the culture in othercountries (Hay and Marsh 2016). It has been seen that the individual cultures are easilythreatened by the globalization factors. The advantages include broadening the minds ofindividuals and it helps in promoting education. It helps in improving the international relationsamong different nations (Rao 2015). On the other hand, there are different advantages ofglobalization that include there has been gap between the rich and poor in the entire competitivemarket. It has affected the entire global economy that has affected the environment. Theglobalization has affected the good working condition of the workers.ReflectionFrom the article, I have understood that globalization and immigration has huge impacton the culture. I have analyzed that globalization takes place in both cultural and economic levelin different countries. In the article, I have seen that the example of Starbucks has been providedwherein globalization not influences the culture by exporting goods and services, but it has effecton individuals working in the different multinational companies. I have analyzed that there aredifferent benefits and disadvantages of globalization wherein it has profound effect of thedifferent cultures of the different companies. I have understood that globalization has helpedmany organizations in hiring Indian employees with proper training and developmental
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