The Importance of Mergers and Acquisitions | Report

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INTRODUCTIONFinance is one of the component help an entity in transforming their existing conditionsof their business which gets totally changed when the status of an entity shifted from domestic tothe international level. This report is all about analysing the importance of mergers andacquisitions in four countries such as UK, USA, Germany and Japan and also emphasises oninternational harmonisation on the same field.Critically appraise the success of mergers and acquisitions in the four countriesAccording to the Beckman, (2016) the merger and acquisition is the consolidation of thetwo or more companies. Merger means the combination of two companies in form of one andacquisition means strong company acquire weak company to cover their current business losses.As per present scenario, UK is regarded as the best places for tourism purpose which attracts lotof people from all across the world. They provides license easily to operate their business in thiscountry. They have less custom duty as compare to another. Import and export can be easilymanageable in this country. UK has less political issues so that an entity will operate their firmeasily. In UK organizations obtain easily qualitative and well equipped staff to manage theirbusiness. Famous tourists spots attracts lots of visitors that help an entity in inducing theircurrent level of sales. There are wide number of customers attracted by an entity whichgenerates large amount of profits. As per the views of Mager and Meyer-Fackler, (2017) USA is the second largestpurchasing power parity in the whole world that reflects its overall economic conditions. Mostcommon used currency in international market is U.S. dollar which is world's most reservingcurrency. US is the the main engine of manufacturing that represents the major output ofmanufacturing in the world. It has most influential financial market such as New York stockexchange that is one of the largest stock exchange. organization have lot of chance to grow andsatisfy the needs of consumers. They will get the huge power and control over the market whiledealing in the current business. Due to economic factors, it is feasible to raise buying power andrun entity with large production. All these factors help to the organization to achieve their goalsand make long term profit.According to the views of Beckman, (2016) Japan have one of the largest technologies inthe world. Japanese electronic product carries world’s largest share of market. It is one of the1

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