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Importance of Critical Thinking in Higher Education

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Running head: IMPORTANCE OF CRITICAL THINKING IN HIGHER EDUCATION Importance of critical thinking in higher education Name of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
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1IMPORTANCE OF CRITICAL THINKING IN HIGHER EDUCATION Critical thinking is one of the major skills needed for a student. This not only ensures theright path of thinking but also helps in better decision making in later part in life. With growingskilled workforce, all around the world, the framework of greater education system is using thetools for enhancing one’s capability of critical thinking. The objective of having the skill is toanalyse a situation with all perspective in mind, without having a bias opinion and then form ajudgement in place. This judging supports all the way to making a better decision. The identifiedkey features of critical thinking are discussed below.The problem statement of these study discuses, the assessment criteria of critical thinkingand reliability and validity of critical thinking with respect to students perspectives. Further, itsuggests the multiple way of critical thinking and challenges and consideration that the studenthave to take into account of critical thinking. This essay will define and evaluate the different concepts of critical thinking. Theplanning, adoption and implementation of critical thinking by students are essential forcompany’s using to screen and assess the student[ CITATION Sav151 \l 1033 ]. Companiesthese days also plan frameworks for screening candidate’s ability to think critically in anymatter. What are the methods, that needs to be checked by student that will increase their criticalthinking ability.In this part of text, analysis, interpretation and assessment criteria of critical thinking isgoing to be discussed. Burrus and Robins (2013) discussed the core seven frameworks ofconcerning the general education and competencies important for educating the generation ofworkforce. Identifying the learning outcomes, questions and analysis with relevant quality ofinformation and considering alternative perspective of solutions needs to be featured
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2IMPORTANCE OF CRITICAL THINKING IN HIGHER EDUCATION characteristics of the students planning to join the workforce and accepting the opinion andconclusion to certain parameters. The value of providing a rubric to an academic student is tomake them aware of their thinking assessment. The outline and project outcomes are there tooffer critical thinking assessments. Like a study in this research, criteria conducted by theAmerican Philosophical Association (APA) identified that the ancient Delphi method isconsensus approach of critical thinking. The discussion of experts divided the critical thinkingprocess in six steps. A better decision making is done by interpretation, analysis, evaluation,inferences, explanation, and self-regulation. The decision-making and problem solving skill is amajor facilitation of the assessing likelihood of uncertainty [ CITATION Dar15 \l 1033 ].Halpern (2012) recognized that the company should focus on the key aspects of critical thinking.This includes the verbal reasoning, argumentative analysis, and making sound decisions andcritically thinking in hypothesis testing process. The critical test they discussed in the article hasinvented a Halpern Critical Thinking Assessment (HCTA) has detail assessment criteria. Thiswas also very interesting read, which explore on the arguments of critical thinking and reasoning.This research in the respected area has also given the effort to some commercially availableassessments of critical philosophy of thinking.Another way is of multivariate nature of the critical thinking definition which says that,different themes to be considered, which is the main thing that is going to be discussed now. Thedifferent bodies that assures the reliability of critical thinking are California Critical ThinkingDisposition Inventory (CCTDI), Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisals (WGCTA), HCTA,Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) program ensure the operationalthinking, reasoning of arguments and evaluation assessment process[ CITATION Bas12 \l1033 ]. The mental motivation and integrated with writing and involves metacognition. The
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