Importance of Destination Controls

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2System DesignImportance of destination controls Peters (2007) understanding the benefits and limitations ofdestination dispatch.Enhances accessibility to the cars. The destination controls assigns a group of people to aspecific car depending on their destination. By doing this order in traffic flow is maintained andgives passengers ample time of accessing their assigned cars. The mobile impaired persons arealso able to access go to their assigned cars prior to travel thanks to the assignment nature of thedestination controls.Minimal duration of waiting. The destination controls restricts stopping of cars to floorsthat don’t have traffic. Moreover, the passengers are allocated to the cars depending on the floorthey are headed to. When a car arrives at a floor it picks passengers that have a commondestination. This reduces inappropriate stops to floors that maybe one passenger is travelling to.This feature reduces the time of transit from one destination to the other.Enhanced comfort of passengers. The ability of the destination control to assignpassengers transiting to the same destination to a common car eliminates the normal strugglesthrough a crowd of people to press on the button for a specific floor. Once the passengers getinto a car the only stop is their destination. A passenger is also able to choose his or her own carof comfort to travel from one floor to the other. The assignment property also eliminates thestruggles to enter a certain car for each and every passenger is assigned to a car. Comfort of apassenger is enhanced in that a car is assigned to carry a specified number of passengers therebygiving more space to the passengers. Overcrowding is avoided extremely.
3System DesignOrganization of traffic. With the assignment feature, passengers move from one floor tothe other in an organized manner. Overcrowding in the cars and outside the cars and enhancesorder in the traffic flow.Method for implementing the destination controlsZoning division method. This method tends to partition a building into various zones orgroupings in order to control the traffic. The number of partitions depends on the number of carsavailable or present in the building.Traffic identification method. This tends to provide information on the traffic flow atgiven sets of interval. It provides the information on the number of passengers going up andthose going down and specifies the number of cars in transit either upward or downwards. It alsospecifies the number of passengers in coming to the car and those outgoing from the car.Priority evaluation. This method evaluates the most appropriate car that a passenger ismost likely to use when he or she makes a hall call. The following parameters are evaluated tofind the most suitable car. The waiting time which is how long the passenger has to wait beforethe car arrives, the loading of the car which states how many passengers the car is carrying at themoment before arriving for the passenger who made the hall call and lastly the distance of thecar from the floor where the hall call was made.Main method. This is responsible for the overall control of all the other methods thezoning division, the traffic identification method and the priority evaluation method as a whole.
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