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Importance of Self-Awareness - Doc

Added on - 31 May 2021

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INTRODUCTIONSelf-awareness has been defined in different ways .However; all these definitions emphasize onthe same aspect Self-awareness therefore can be defined as the ability of one to have a clearunderstanding and perception of his or her personality in terms of emotions, motivation,strengths and weaknesses as well as beliefs and thoughts (Morin, 2011). Self-awareness is anaspect helps one to recognize oneself as a separate individual from other people and theenvironment (Silvia and Phillips, 2013).Importance of self-awarenessThere are different ways through which one can improve his self or herself. Self-awareness playsa role in this area. The following is a discussion on the importance of self-awareness.a) Develop social abilitiesSince human beings are the most social beings among all species, they rely on relationshipsamong themselves. An individual who has self-awareness will be able to successfully creategood relationships .This is because they are aware of their strengths and weakness and be able toutilize and adjust them respectively. Therefore, such people have a stable emotional intelligencewhich helps them understand other people’s feelings and emotional status and patterns (Smythe,2016).b) Improves self-awareness and boosts veracity
Self-awareness affects an individual’s ability in dealing with very crucial matters. This helps oneto have a clear vision and focus when handling issues. It also enables one to be in a position oftaking and accepting opinions, critics and reactions from others without developing a negativeattitude towards them hence find solutions to problems.c) ProductivityResearch has found that people who are aware of themselves think and act quickly. They handleevery challenge that comes their ways with an immediate effect. Therefore, these people areproductive in terms of saving of time and resources. Swift decision making is also productive inhandling day to day issues.D) Better leadership skills.Quick and swift decision making is a good attribute in a leader. Self-awareness in a leader helpsin quick decision making which is impartial and is done with much confidence.e) Boosts objectivity.Self-awareness boosts confidence which eventually helps one in making good decisions whichare not biased or poor.D) Emotional intelligence and self-acceptance
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