Report on Importance of Visual Aids in Language Teaching

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Running head: IMPORTANCE OF VISUAL AIDS IN LANGUAGE TEACHINGImportance of Visual Aids in Language TeachingName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
1IMPORTANCE OF VISUAL AIDS IN LANGUAGE TEACHINGIt is necessary for a teacher to have access to a wide range of resources available in theclassroom for the development of the students as a result of the learning process. These resourcesneed to be pictures or visual representations so that the students can understand the topics whichthey learn in class even better. The things which people see in their daily lives have a hugeamount of significance in influencing and providing suitable knowledge. The focus needs to begiven on providing the students a reason for performing different acts. The visual elements are inthis way, a very good reason for motivation of the students for different unknown languageinteraction. This use is by means of meaningful elements which call their attention and alsoprovide them with the motivation to use the language in different ways. These actions utilizingseveral skills are helpful in the classroom in comparison to the others in which there is only onepossible task for the students.Visual aids not only help putting in the new language out for the students, but also helpremind the students of the tongue they have learned as the class go on. In case the students makemistakes, they can be redirected to the visual aid in order to show them where they can go wrongand do it as earlier. The class is made more dynamic and fun by the use of visual aids (AlMamun).Visual aids help the students in understanding and grasping concepts more effectively.Whenever a concept is presented using a visual aid, the students are provided something withwhich they can associate the concepts which they have learned. Afterwards if they need to recallit, they only need to use the image they have used (Tomlinson). The visual aids also assist inpresenting visibly and smoothly without any sort of complications or tangents. The differentvisual aids available to the teacher are discussed as follows:
2IMPORTANCE OF VISUAL AIDS IN LANGUAGE TEACHINGPictures:Pictures are major way for presenting many nouns, adjectives and simplepatterns of a sentence. In case a textbook is being used in class, the pictures need to be utilized tomake the lessons better. The younger students make them understand the concepts better. It isnecessary to call the students and attain their feedback at certain times to make sure what theyactually feel. There are certain cases in which realia which are actually pictures from newspapersor magazines, which help understand the topic discussed in class better. There are certain waysin which pictures can be incorporated in the classroom teaching. Personal pictures can be used orthe power points or games can be used. This will make it even more memorable and worthwhilefor the students and the words can stick much easily (Fidanboylu).In certain cases if the pictures of celebrities who are famous or followed ardently aregiven in the presentations or games, the students are bound to perk up and the possibility ofputting up their attention is even more (Cruz and Stephen).In cases where relevant or sufficient solutions are not available simple figures can bedrawn like simple drawings or stick figures. These stick figures take only a moment to draw andcan be used to teach almost anything and everything (Pinter).One particular thing that pictures are not very helpful in introducing is that ofgrammatical patterns. Particularly anything beyond the present simple or the present continuoustenses are not being explained well. Timelines are a major way of showing tenses and timeexpressions. In order to teach the differences between the different words timelines are crucial(Fidanboylu).
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