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Running head: LINEAR ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENT1Linear Algebra AssignmentNameInstitution
LINEAR ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENT2LINEAR ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENTQuestion (1a)Gauss Jordan EliminationSwap matrix rowsR1R4[6428532331303214]“Cancel leading coefficient in rowR2by performing”R2R2+56R1[642801/31/311/331303214]“Cancel leading coefficient in rowR3by performing”R3R3+12R1[642801/311/311/301443214]
LINEAR ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENT3“Cancel leading coefficient in rowR4by performing”R4R4+12R1[642801/311/311/301440000]Swap matrix rowsR2R3[6428014401/311/311/30000]Cancel leading coefficient in rowR3by performingR3R313R2[64280144007/37/30000]Then reduce the matrix to reduced row echelon form“Multiply row by constant”R337R3[6428014400110000]“Cancel leading coefficient in rowR2by performing”R2R24R3[6428010000110000]“Cancel leading coefficient in rowR1by performing”R1R12R3[6406010000110000]
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