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Running Head: Ethical implication of Business CommunicationEthical implication of Business communication
Importance of Team work in Business organizationP a g e|1Business CommunicationCommunication in business is important in day to day activities; it forms the backboneof business functions and the team. It is the ability of an individual to convey effectivelyand efficiently, hence the business managers with great verbal, nonverbal & writtencommunication skills prove to be effective manager who lead the team with greatstrength and in the direction of organizational objectives. Efficient and effectivebusiness communication lead to relationship building among the team members whicheventually leads to boosting of their morale, and finally resulting in increasedproductivity from the team members (Chaney & Martin,2013). Importance ofBusiness communication:Helps to foster relationship amongst the team members.Helps to convey the organizational goals effectively (Argenti, 2015)Helps to reduce any tension or stress in the functional teamHelps to build and formulate big teams and make them function cohesivelytowards the organization goals and objectives (Anderson, 2016)Team WorkTeam work happens, when each and every individual harmonize or synergize theirefforts towards one common goal. A great team work is achieved by putting in plenty ofselfless hours of work, struggle, hard work and commitment towards a specificobjective. Great teams do great team works which results in revolutionary work. Just tocite, the Team of Mac 2 (Apple), was the reason behind the success of the Mac 2, whichchanged the entire computing industry. Hence, in order to achieve some greaterobjectives, the team members have to come together and develop positive synergiesamongst themselves (Hu & Liden, 2015)These days organization are constantly looking out for team members who can work inteams and contribute, organizations these days value team work more than individualcapability. Let’s look at some of the ways to become an effective team playerCreate ground rules-The most important thing, teams should follow, creatingsome ground rules, or the basic elements of team work. Ground rules work in the
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