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Important Leadership Skills (pdf)

Added on - 22 Nov 2020

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LO: 3 Provide an appreciation of the key skills necessary to effectively leadand manage teams, partnerships and integrated organisations.The key and skills that are needed to be an effective leader in an organizationLeadership generally creates the difference between an efficient team and a team that fails tosucceed in business. Being the leader in the set of skills in a unique organization is needed inleadership. In addition, the leader can help the team to be more efficient. The following arethe skills needed by a leader in an organization:Communication skill:This is being considered as one of the essential skill which isneeded for a manager or a leader to have while working in an organisation of Health andSocial Care Sector.On an individual basis, communication is also important. The leadershould see that if a member of the team faces difficulties in certain matters, the leader shouldspend time to help his abilities (leadership skills, 2018). In the same way, if a memberdemands discipline, the situation will be treated positively. Some people react effectively togeneral tactics, while there may be cases where a difficult approach is needed.In addition, good communication also requires an efficient command and knowledgeof the use of technology to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.If an individual is filled with this skill, it is may be possible that person would become muchmore capable of leading the team in much more effective manner. This could be understoodwith an example, where a short term goal like quality of services needs to be improved by 2%in 15 days. As a leader it will be required to assign tasks based on the requirements andcapabilities of individuals of team. Here, communicational skill would aid in assigning tasksto team members and making them understand about what exactly they are needed to performin order to attain new goal.Along with this, if it is talked about partnership, than effective communication skillsamong two different partners of a business organisation may lead to grab a good position inmarketplace. Discussing over different problems and then taking decisions based on eachother's views may aid in reaching to new heights in specific time frame. Away with this,integrated organisations among health and social case sector where theownercontrols morethan one part of distribution process. Thus, having effective communication skills would helpin taking right determinations right on time.
Listening and learning skills: Listening is the most important part ofcommunication, but it must also be mentioned because of its importance in advancing theteam. The leader of an organization should be humble to listen to other thoughts and the useof open door policy can also be developed in an environment where everyone is verycomfortable to talk about. Further, the leader should develop the space for day-to-dayeducation. It may include analysing the latest journals or communicating with people in thesame field.It is important for managers and leaders to work effectively and achieveorganisational goals and objectives. Leaders who are humble and listens to their subordinateshelps in managing and developing teams in the organisation. If team leader is friendly withteam members it is helpful for him to clarify jobs and tasks to employees and in this wayproductivity of organisation is increased. Partnerships and integrated organisations alsorequire good listening and learning skills of leaders and managers. Those managers who keepon learning and motivating their subordinates will help in integrated organisations in helpingthem to achieve goals and tasks of company.Flexibility:Another skill which is basically much more important in health and socialcare sector,Being a leader, he should be prepared to cope with any kind of problems. Theleader's concept should be very flexible and is always willing to take any type of complexproblem solving. For example, the leader will be diligent in acquiring knowledge for usingthe latest electronic and computer records on health issues). Flexibility is particularlyimportant in the crisis phase. If the team member does not work properly or if the teamworkload is difficult at a given time, the leader should also prioritize the delegation ofactivities so that the issues are resolved in time.In present time, health and social care sectorconsist with a range of teams and these are required to be managed much more effectively.Flexibility skill could help individuals in managing the teams that are working in emergencydepartment of a hospital.Flexibility is the skill which is helpful in leading and managing allteam members through making effective communication with them. These are two aspectswhich assist team in lead towards gaining accurate results and outcomes. Apart from this, themain role of partnership and flexibility is increasing the coherence and development inrelation between producer and customers in the large market place. Flexibility help inintegrating whole organisation through developing innovative, creative and unique type ofteam which organised all work and reach with desired goals and targets in effective manner.Flexibility is essential for an organisation because this will help them in performing worktogether and make flexible environment where all employees are feel motivated and
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