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OrganisationMarks and Spencer (M&S)Reason for choiceThe main reason behind conducting this research is toidentify different ways for improving businessperformance of M&S. In accordance to this, severalfactors contributing to business operations of the entityare discussed. Research Theme Present report is based on understanding several waysfor improving business performance of Marks andSpencer (M&S).Target audience For conducting research, survey is to conducted with 50customers of the organisation for analysing their viewson goods and services provided by M&S. In accordanceto this, various research methods and specification toolsare to be identified for data collection process. SampleRandom sampling method for selecting respondentsExpected outcomeIt is forecast that the conducted research will be succeedfor identifying different ways to improve businessperformance of M&S.MethodologyBoth primary and secondary research methods.QuestionnaireQualitativeQuantitativeMixture of bothYes, quantitative data collection method. As askingquestions with respondents regarding ways to enhancebusiness' efficiency.Secondary ResearchFor conducting research at secondary level, researcher isto collect data by reading articles of author on theselected research topic.Literature ReviewEssential of identifying actual business performance:According to O'Leary, (2013) it is essential to analysecurrent business performance in terms of sales revenue,profit level and market position. Therefore, variety ofideas are generated for creating balances and improvingbusiness performance of the company.

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