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1TECHNICAL WRITINGIntroductionIn the current time, one of the major trends witnessing by the culinary industries is theno-tipping movement. According to this trend, restaurants are changing the concept of havingtips by the servers from the customers by providing them higher hourly wages. It is assumed thatpaying them more will restrict them from having tips. This will in turn enhance the goodwill ofthe restaurant among the customers (Whaley, Douglas & O’Neill, 2014). This trend is becomingmore popular in the recent time due to the reason that restaurants are concentrating moreenhancing the service quality and increase the level of satisfaction among the customers.However, there are some issues are also being faced by this no-tipping movement. One of thekey issues is the resistance from the side of the servers regarding the stoppage of the tippingconcept. Currently this movement started in the United States and different types of restaurantsin terms of cuisines and sizes are involved in it.BodyAccording to the article, no-tipping movement attracting mixed response in the market.Some of the restaurants owners are having positive opinions and some are having negativeopinions. Moreover, it is also stated that setting the menu price high may limit the attractivenessof the restaurants. This is due to the reason that customers tend to get less attracted with havinghigher quoted price. On the other hand, it is also stated in the article that stoppage of tippingconcept will demoralize the servers. This is due to the reason that they will get more motivated inpricing effective customer service when they are having the expectation of receiving somethingas tips.
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