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Research on Improving Test Automation

Added on -2019-09-16

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Improving test automation using algorithmsAbstractIn the software industry, automation helps in improving the test efficiency of the software testorganizations. To ensure the satisfaction of the test coverage and thereby reducing its risk, thereare more people employed for the manual testing, or in place of this, the automation techniquesand tools are used for improving the level of test automation. The method that reduces the cycletime and the time for the test is adopted. The current research focuses on the use of algorithmsfor improving this test automation. The objective of the research is to ascertain theimprovements in the test automation when algorithms are used. For this, the secondary sourceslike the previous researchers have been analyzed to come to a conclusion. In all the research, ithas been observed that when the algorithms were used, the test automation got improved. Thealgorithms are a part of the life cycle of the software project. It has also been found that therandomized algorithm is widely used by the software testers and in this, there are manycomponents that are based on the randomness.1
IntroductionPrimarily, the software and the web are used for testing the architecture of the client and theserver. If the companies want to achieve the high quality of their software, then they have to usethe technique of software testing. The software is tested so that the faults can be detected thatlead to failure of the software. But this task is very time consuming and expensive.Approximately, 50% of the software system development resources get consumed in this process(Rauf, 2015). In simple words, software testing can be defined as a process in which the softwareis verified and validated so that the software is able to meet the technical and the businessrequirements.In the software industry, the test efficiency can be improved by the automation process. This testis the testing of the software in the companies. To ensure that the coverage of the test issatisfactory and to reduce the risks related to the projects, the companies use either manual or theautomated tools for improving their test automation level. The selection of either of themdepends on the reduction in the cycle time of the project and the time taken for the test.It has been observed that the many automation testers have been given this job without givingthem proper guidelines about the automation test process. They do not follow any process orstrategy to do this work. After some time, they do not observe any improvement in the cycle timeor the execution time. So, an efficient method needs to be deployed, and the automakers shouldbe made to work using that process. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to portray that howthe test automation can be improved using the algorithms. The current research will discuss thesteps of software automation, and the algorithm for addressing the issues will be discussed that2
are the face in the system management automation for the services like Firewall, DHCP, andDNS. The research tries to meet the following objective:1.To ascertain the improvements in the test automation when algorithms are used.Literature review(Anand,, 2013) wrote ‘An orchestrated survey of methodologies for automated software testcase.' In the paper, the authors believe that the generation of test cases is one of the most labor-intensive tasks in testing the software. They impact the effectiveness and the efficiency of thesoftware testing. In the paper, the researchers have surveyed those techniques of automaticgeneration of software test cases that are most prominent in the companies. Basically, fivetechniques have been surveyed including (a) structural testing using symbolic execution, (b)model-based testing, (c) combinatorial testing, (d) random testing and its variant of adaptiverandom testing, and (e) search-based testing generation. The purpose of this research is to givean overview of the automatic test case generation. From this paper, the current research got anidea about the various techniques of automation and got an overview of the benefits, uses and theshortcomings of each of the method. So, this paper helped in the establishment of a base for thecurrent study. (Sharma, 2014) wrote a paper on ‘A Survey on Software Testing Techniques using GeneticAlgorithm’ where the researcher have mentioned that the broad aim of the software industry is toensure that the high-quality software is delivered to the final user. For ensuring the high qualityof the software, the test software is required. Testing helps the companies in ensuring that thesoftware is able to meet the specifications of the users and his requirements too. but, there are3

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