Improving the Time Management Skills

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What are yougoing to learn(objectives)?How are you going to learn it?(specific resources andstrategies that you need tolearn)Targetdate forcompletionHow are you goingto know that youhave learned it(evidence)?How are yougoing to provethat you havelearned it?Week 3TimeManagementThe strategy that needs to befollowed is Delegation of Tasks.This initiative would help tocomplete tasks one by one. Thiswould help in improving timemanagement skills in theworkplace (Kukreja, 2017).Week 10The strategy ofDelegation of Taskshas certainlyassisted inimproving the timemanagement skills.A delegation oftasks has benefitedme in reducingburnouts and stressand enhance myproductivity in theworkplace.Evidence can beprovided byhighlighting thenumber of taskssuccessfullycompleted by mewithin the specifiedtime limit.The aspect of adelegation of taskshas improvedwithin me. This canbe proved throughthe fact that I havebeen successfullyable to delegatetasks to mysubordinates sothat it can becompleted withinthe given timelimit.Week 4TimeManagementAnother major strategy thatcould be followed in order toenhance the time managementskills is Scheduling of Tasks. Theimplementation of this strategywould help to develop a To-Dolist which would help toprioritise and finish the taskseasily and effectively (White,2017).Week 10The strategy ofScheduling Taskshas certainlybenefited me inimproving my timemanagement skills.The evidence canbe seen from theTo-Do list which Ihave maintainedfor the last 10weeks. My To-Dolist would certainlyhighlight how Ihave scheduled mytasks on itsprioritisation beforethe start of the dayin order to attain itwithin the givendeadline.This learning canbe proved byanalysing the To-Do list which I havemaintained for thelast 10 weeks. Ihave alsoencouraged myother teammembers to followthe sameprocedure and hascertainly positivelyresulted inmanaging time inthe workplace.Week 5TimeManagementThe third major strategy thatshould be followed in order toenhance time managementskills is to Avoid Multitasking.Week 10To enhance mytime managementskills, I havecompletely avoidedDuring the past 10weeks, I havecompletely avoideddoing multitasking
This initiative would allowconcentrating and focusing oncompleting one task rather thanfocusing on multiple tasks at asingle time (ARVIDSSON, 2016).multitasking in theworkplace. Theevidence ofavoidingmultitasking can beclearly identifiedthrough the workwhich I havesubmitted withinthe last 10 weeks.The tasks whichwere taken up byme possesseddifferent deadlineswhich in turnclearly highlightsthat multitaskinghas the workplace. Iwas given theopportunity towork on Project Aand Bsimultaneouslywhich I rejectedbecause I felt thatit would hampermy work efficiency.Week 6TimeManagementThe fourth and the mostimportant strategy that shouldbe maintained in order toimprove time managementskills are to Take Breaks fromwork. This strategy would helpto refresh the mind and thebody and would in-turnimprove the productivity.Week 10The aspect of takingbreaks from workhas certainlybenefited me inimproving my timemanagement skills.The evidence canbe seen from thenumber of taskswhich have beenaccuratelycompleted by me inthe workplace.I have beenmaintaining breaksfrom work after anhour in the last 10weeks. Thisstrategy hascertainly benefitedme in staying freshand active towardsmy work and inturn maintainstime managementin the workplace.Week 7TimemanagementThe fifth major strategy ofSetting up of Deadlines must befollowed in order to improvethe time management skills.Setting up of the deadlinewould allow recognizing whichtasks needs to be done on theurgent basis over others(GESSO, 2017).Week 10The initiative ofsetting up of thedeadline hascertainly benefitedme in improving mytime managementskills. The evidencecan be clearlyobserved from thenumber of taskssubmitted is high ascompared to thepast.Setting up ofdeadlines hashelped me inenhancing my timemanagement skills.This can be provedthrough theincident in theworkplace where Iwas assigned totask A, B, and Cwhich wereneeded to besubmitted within15 days. Thisstrategy helped meto complete all theassignment before
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