In hierarchical data model the data is stored in the form of

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In hierarchical data model the data is stored in the form of tree in the database inwhich there is root and all other nodes are the branches of the tree. The structureof the same consist of one to many and one to one relationship, also it does notprovide data integrity because child node always depends on parent node for anymanipulation.Advantage of this model is its simple structure, data security, the data stored inthis is integrated and efficient, data is easy to add and delete. Disadvantage of thismodel is implementation complexity, managing database is a problem, lack ofstructural independence,programming complexity, limitation in implementing.In network model the data is stored in the form of multiple branches areassociated from the node and it seems to be multiple tree are there. It doessupport many to many relation and the node can have multiple parent node aswell as multiple child node.The advantage of network model is easy to access its data, it can handle morerelationship type, data independence, data integrity. The disadvantage of thismodel is its system complexity, lack of structural independence and its proceduralaccess language.Relation model consist of relation between the table and their nodes. It doessupport all relation like one to many, many to many and one to one and it freefrom any anomalies like update or delete of node and if we delete a node it doesnot affect on other.The advantage of relation model is its ability to link information about a particularperson who is in several database together by simple links. The disadvantage ofthis model is that once the database is created it is not change easily so anydatabase forming as part of relation database must be very careful planned.
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