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In the document, the total amount is $40,000 which must be

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In the document, the total amount is $40,000 which must be distributed within advertisements ofTelevisions and Radio. It should be in such a way that they can reach as many people as possible.Let T consider as the number of televisions and R considered as the number of differentadvertisement of radios required to maximize the reach.Since every advertisement of the television covers an estimated number of approximate 7,000people and every advertisement of radio covers approximates 3,000 people. Due to this, ourprime aim function is,Maximize p=3,000*R+7,000*TIt mainly subject to,500 T+ 200 T ≤ 40,000 (Constraint of Budget)R-T ≥ 0 (It means that the number of advertisements of radio must be at least as great as thenumber of advertisements of televisions)R ≥ 10 (At least 10 advertisements of radio)T ≥ 10 (At least 10 advertisements of televisions)With the help of these equations we obtained the below-mentioned graph:

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