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In the ever growing and every changing time of medical care, the nursing practices havebecome one of the most important subjects which need proper addressing. In fact, the demandfor healthcare professionals in future will grow even more rapidly than currently it is and thisdemand will include the expectation of having the best trained and skilled nursing professionalsto be involved in the clinical care. Thus, it becomes important for an individual seeking career innursing practices to learn about the future possibilities and challenges which might help him/herto survive and gain excellent performance standards. In this context, the future of nursing willbring technical challenges, improved states of diseases and treatment procedures along withadministrative level handling of the Accountable care Organizations where the full partnershipwill be needed in order to function effectively.At first, the new researches everyday is making the field of medical science muchadvanced than it was a few decades back. The involvement of science and technique with it hasmade the scenario very complex to understand. Because of being an important unit in the chainof clinical treatment, a nursing professional will require sound knowledge of technology and howa specific technical apparatus will be used in the process of curing a particular disease. In otherwords, the future of nursing professionals will evolve in terms of their knowledge about scienceand technique applied to their own subject. If they are not trained well in terms of applyingtechnique logically in clinical care, their knowledge, no matter how well versed they are, will notbe entertained positively. The proximity and accuracy of work will be judged based on thisknowledge about scientific and technological implications in the process of care.Secondly, the future nursing professionals will deal with the most evolved form ofdiseases and their treatments. Moreover, the updated version of knowledge will remain at handfor nursing professionals. There will be chances when they will have to act like a full time
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