Case of Ridgecrest Electric: Report

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In the present case, Ridgecrest Electric a manufactures electric motors. In the operating processof the organization company follows following procedures,Making revenue from sale of high quality productsReduction in pricesMaking efforts to make quick deliveries to customersMaking improvements in manufacturing processesMaking efforts regarding employee satisfactionCost leadership strategies are the strategies which implement by the organization in reducing thecost in every manufacturing and service providing activity. However, differentiation strategyimplemented for providing a different goods and services to the customers in comparison ofgoods and services provided by the competitors[ CITATION Tha14 \l 1033 ].In the present case, the organization is not focusing regarding the goods and services supplied bythe competitors it only focuses towards the cost reduction and better services. Hence it can beconcluded the organization is focusing towards the cost leadership strategies.Balance score card is a permutation of financial and non-financial measures which beimplemented for either short term or long term[ CITATION ESc95 \l 1033 ]. This reportmajorly divided into four parts. In the present casefollowing are the expected majors in thebalance score card of the Ridgecrest Electric,Financial perspective: In this major company can include measures regarding thefinancial profits and revenues.Customer perspective: In this major company can design majors regarding the allowablenumber of days for deliver to customers or majors related to after sale services.Internal process: In this major company can include majors related to the manufacturingprocessLearning process: Under this major company can include plans related to training of staffand e employees.
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