Using jQuery for Chat Window


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In this assignment my first goal is to use jQuery in the html made webpage as I useto make web page using html and css but this time I have to use jQuery. jQuery is the library of the javascript and it is very useful to do the javascript task in avery short way. There is offical site of jQuery from where we can download the script of jQuery and also if we don’t want to download it we can give the reference of that by putting the exact url. To do this task I downloaded the jQuery and out into afolder name as js. There are another js which I put into the js folder that is of jQuery UI js. In my page there is a button name toggle which user have to click to open the chat window and there user can chat. Whenever a user type a message and click the enter button a javascript function calls and in that there is also ajax is call, to call the ajax we have to pass some parameters like the data, type and the url, in this whenever a ajax is call the parameter passes in that is the user which is chatting and the message that is entered by the user and there is another section on the web page other than chat window where all the message of the user will displayed of his chatting so in this ajax function is to display the message entered by the user on both sections and the main functionality of ajax is that it does the changes on the web page without refreshing the page and it is very fast.
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