Assignment on Travelling Business

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In travelling business, there is need of development of importantprojects so as to improve heritage sites and the infrastructure of thecountry should be also improved. Along with this, requiredinformation should be also provided to customers in order toattaining their interest towards company. In addition, appropriatefunds are needed at vats level and for this purpose managers have todetermine various sources of funds. There are internal and externalsources of funds; it is essential for government to improve railwayand air-plane facilities so as to make convenient for human being asthey can easily travel at different places. Department of tourism ispromoting people toget included in order to maintain sustainabilityof cultural places. Thus, media plays a vital role in attaining andretaining large group of customers by using mass communicationchannels, such as- television, newspaper etc.Capital projectsIt consists with vast amount of investment which isrequire in order to modify a project. It is rely upon the actualuse of capital and labour in order complete a task. It includesacquiring new assets, new equipment’ and property lease.Along with this, capital projects can be beneficial in order topromote travelling industry.Cross railway projects aredeveloped for economic vitality in wider origins which aresupported tourism activities in rural areas. With theseevolution, there is vast change that can change which supportsin accessing and flexibility in summer rides by trains at borderareas.Heritage interpretation is all about such information thatare communicated to its visitors as educational and nationalpark like museum.The Cross rail programme – The largest infrastructure projectof Europe has been completed almost 85%. By introducingnew Elizabeth railway track which has been opened inDecember 2018 at London. The programmes are goingsmoothly on time by having a budget of £14.8 billion. Theproject has entered into new phase in which construction oftrains by considering their length and new tunnels. Theconstruction requires a team of 15000 workforce and over 100million working hours which are going to complete soon.Finance and funding in travel and tourism sectorSources and distribution of findings for public and private tourism developmentINTRODUCTIONSantander cycle is a public bicycle scheme which is firstly sponsoredbyBarclays Bank2010 to March 2015. Along with this, thescheme is contracted withLondon Transport,Serco.Bikesand docking stations are provided byPBSC Urban SolutionsThere are two sources using which financing can be done fortourism:Internal sources or non-public funding are:Equity funding- It consists with a mutual fund investment in orderto increase stocks; these are controlled by index funds. Equityfunds are also treated as stock funds.Debt funding– It relates with those funds which are invested inrevenue securities, such as – treasury bills and bonds. Liquidfunds , monthly income plans (MIPs), short term plans(STPs), and fixed maturity plans (FMPs), gilt fund are themain examples of debt funding’s.Government funding– It relates with those capital which areprovided by government and non-government agencies forspecific purpose.External sources of funds are: -Loans– In this, an individual comes to bank to take some credit andfor this the person is ready to pay some kind of interest amount aswell.Overdrafts –These kind of funds are provided for short term andbank charges interest on the amount of overdraft.
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