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Incorporating the Psychological Social and Physical Dimensions

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Added on  2020-02-18

Incorporating the Psychological Social and Physical Dimensions

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: CHILD PROTECTION IN NSWMSW QualifyingChild protection in NSWName of StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
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1CHILD PROTECTION IN NSWExecutive SummaryThe health, safety and the wellbeing of the young people and children is considered as one of theprime concerns of the community. There is an increasing number of child abuse cases inAustralia, which shows that it is important to design suitable child protection policies. This isbecause of the fact that such incidences have long lasting damage on the children. The childabuse victims often show behavioral issues in the late stages of life and they may have difficultyin academic life. One of the key issues of the child protection policy is their structure. They givemore focus on the child protection activities, rather than their all-round development. Thechildren should get a good standard of living and they should have a bright future. They shouldnot be neglected and be subjected to abuse. The wellbeing of a child is considered as theamalgamation of social, physical and psychological enhancement that would help them to lead aquality life. The Child Wellbeing and Child protection- NSW Interagency Guidelines in NSWhas laid down guidelines for promoting the development of the children residing in the area. Thispaper recommendation that there should be implementation of public health model whichprovides 360-degree development of the child.
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2CHILD PROTECTION IN NSWScope of the briefingAustralia is one of the most developed countries but however there are incidences ofchild abuses and child neglect (Kempe et al., 2013). There are several cases of childmaltreatment such as physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, sexual abuse, neglect andexposure to family violence (Kempe et al., 2013). These kinds of child abuse cases damage thepsychological and physiological well being of the children. There are instances when the victimsof child abuse suffer from depression, anxiety and have difficulty in concentrating (Christian,2015). The organization Help Kids would help in successful protection of children in NSWregion. The focus of the organization is to work in this domain and work towards the reductionof child abuse cases in NSW region. The purpose of this body is to work collaboratively with theinteragency partners in the process of child protection process in NSW. This would make surethat the organization would help in strengthening the facilities that help in the protection anddevelopment of the child well being in the region.The organization would cater to the children between the age of 3 years to 18 years whoare living in NSW region. The organization finds that the child abuse and child neglect are oftencaused by several reasons. The issue is of national importance as there are many cases of childabuse all over Australia (Kempe et al., 2013). However, this special initiative would beimplemented in the NSW region only. The currency is important for proper implementation ofthe government board policies (Zuiderwijk & Janssen, 2014). The social inclusion is importantfor children as it seeks for equal opportunities for this age group and aims to enhance their livingconditions.
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