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Indefinite Pronouns. Circle the correct verb form.10pts.1.Neither of those hairstyles (suit or suits) the shape of your face.2.Somebody without much sensitivity always (mentions or mention)my birthmark.3.both of the puppies (is or are) cute.4.Everyone (enter or enters) the college kite flying contest in thespring.5.One of these earrings constantly (falls or fall) off my ear.Name 5 of the 6 Comma Rules and write a sentence to correlate with therule.10 pts1. each runon with either (1) a period and capital letter or (2) acomma and logical joining word. Do not use the same method ofcorrection for every sentence. One sentence is correct.10 pts.1.Antonio got a can of soda from the refrigerator, then he walkedoutside to sit on the porch steps.2.Cockroaches adapt to any environment they have been found
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