Indigenous Health Assignment

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Development of abstract&Presentation
AbstractIn the recent times, due to sustained racism, violation of human rights and neglect fro, theside of government authority resulted into disparities among the health of individuals. Hence,with the aim to reduce the gap which takes place in the health and well-being of indigenous andnon-indigenous people several campaigns were organized by government authority. In this, withthe motive to review the effectiveness and cultural competency of workplace designedinvestigation has been conducted by the group of people. Thus, in the present study, group ofpeople has reviewed Sydney Local Health District Aboriginal Workforce Action Plan 2016-18.In this, REM framework referred by Faculty of Health has been considered by group to assess orevaluate the adequacy of an action plan. Such plan is related to indigenous employment programand vehicle for promoting cultural competency in the workforce.Further, wide range of search strategies has been undertaken by group with the aim to getsuitable view regarding the research topic or area. Thus, by making analysis of several articles,books and journals related to the health aspect of indigenous people data has been gathered bygroup. From assessment, it has been found that SHLD clearly presents the gap which takes placebetween the indigenous as well as non-indigenous people regarding employment and healthaspect. Group assessment shows that through the means of shared vision change can beimplemented within the firm.Besides this, it has been found that successful implementation requires high level ofengagement from the side of stakeholders. In addition to this, SHLD has facilitated strongconsultation with Aboriginal employees and senior representatives. Such engagement level isvital for attaining success which in turn helps in creating highly effectual or supportive culture.In addition to this, some barriers have assessed by SHLD that directly affects the employmentaspect of Aboriginal employees. Such barriers include lower level of education, training, lack oftransport, financial constraints, housing and work readiness. Hence, for the effectualdevelopment and implementation it is highly required to remove all such barriers.Thus, by undertaking effectual communication strategies engagement with Aboriginalemployees can be developed. In addition to this, by providing scholarships, traineeships etcimprovements can be made in targeted areas. Part of weaknesses part include that there is noinformation available regarding the manner in which calendars will be circulated. Besides this,strategy namely Aboriginal Workforce Priority having lack of clarity. In addition this, outcomes
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