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Individual & Team Development - Assignment

Added on -2020-11-23

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Team working is the most vital part of organisation. It promotes an atmosphere that
fosters friendship and loyalty. Good team is important for high performance in any business or
non profit organisation (Martin and Manley, 2018). By developing individual and team, people
in the organisation are workers towards a shared purpose and common goals and they also share
various roles and in cooperation with each other. This present report is context with Whirlpool
Corporation. It is public limited company of Home Appliances industry. Company was founded
in 1911 by Louis Upton and Emory Upton. This present report will determine appropriate as well
as professional skills, knowledge and behaviour that are needed for the HR managers in the
company. Moreover, this report will also include the differences between organisational and
individual learning and training and development. The detailed concept of high performance
working will also include in this report.
Human Resource professionals are the key person of the organisation. In order to have he
smooth functioning of the company, it is very important to have the best human resource team
within organisation. They deal with all the issues and problems related to performance
management of employee's, compensation, companies development, safety, wellness, rewards,
benefits, employee motivation, training and development programs and many other work of
company (Marques-Quinteiro and, 2015). The HR team or professionals at Whirlpool
company are very efficient, skilled and knowledgable. They effectively organize people to
achieve the organisational goals and objectives in efficient manner.
Here are the appropriate knowledge, skill and behaviour which are required by HR professionals
or manager within organisation are as follows-
Ability of Speaking- It is fundamental and the most important skill that is needed by
Human Resource professional to become the best HR and to achieve the organisational goals.
HR should have an ability to speak in front of a big crowd. It is the core skill of people. HR
should be able to answer the question of audience when he/she speaks. The HR managers at
Whirlpool arr very intelligent as they have ability as well as capacity to speak in meeting and
functions very effectually.
Decisive Thinker- It is also another most important skill that is needed in Human
Resoyurce professionals or manager within company. Manager must have the skill of decisive
thinker because in an organisation it is very important to take quick actions and decisions when
needed. HR should have ability to understand the situation and take decision as soon as possible.
The Human Resource managers at Whirlpool company are decisive thinker as they solve many
issues as well as difficulty at their own level.
Communication- It the skill which is the heart of good HR professionals. IT is very
important that all the information within company must be effectively communicated to all
workers as well as to stakeholders when needed in both written and verbal formates.
Team working as well as Collaboration- HR should have the skill of team working and
collaboration skill. It is very essential that HR should work in collaboration with the employees
and make them to collaborate with each members.
Personnel and Human Resource- It is very important that Hunman Resource should
posses a complete knowledge of the detailed concept of personnel and human resource and the
principles or theories. In addition to this, HR should also know the complete knowledge of
recruitment, selection, training, compensation as well as benefits.
Management and Administration- This is also a very important and essential knowledge
that HR should posses that he/she should complete knowledge to how to understand principles,
theories of management and business that involved allocation of resources, strategic planing,
leadership techniques, methods of production and the most important is to make coordination of
people and resource.
Government and Law- HR manager should have complete knowledge of laws, legal
procedures, government regulations, executive orders and instructions, agency rules and court
procedures (Sommer, Howell and Hadley, 2016). The HR at Whirlpool are well qualified.
Adaptability- HR professional should be willing to both listen and learn as well as to
accept the changing priorities and working requirements. They should have flexibility in there
behaviour in order to maintain high standards in a changing environment.

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