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Running head: INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENTIndustry EngagementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENTThe following discussion is a mid-placement report on the internship as a bookkeeper.The mid-placement report addresses the teamwork, collaboration, problem solving skills,decision-making, awareness and motivation by the mentor at the workplace. The bookkeepercomes across a variety of clients of the different business entities, various segments at the marketand a number of business setups to comprehend and produce the work for. The bookkeeper facesthe challenge to recognize the essential business operation of every client. The bookkeeper has toensure that there is accuracy in the process of the payroll and, record the account of thetransactions that are being paid, report the accounts received by the transactions, producing thefinancial reports and maintaining the balance sheets (Smith, 2014).The internship program is of the bookkeeper. In the midway, the intern bookkeeper isdynamic and qualified at his work. The intern has gained a widespread knowledge f theaccounting principles, the policies of taxation, and the procedures that are related to the incometax. The primary strengths that are gained during the internship programme are planning, theability to solve problems and customer relations (Soudijn, 2012). There has been a familiaritywith the financial reconciliations and regulatory reporting.TeamworkThe bookkeeper intern has learned to strike and maintain a balance between keeping thebooks and managing the business of the client. The intern becomes a dedicated keeper of thebooks and ensures a healthy flow of the financial record keeping. The intern learns to work in aquite environment with a flow in the work that is being done (Monga, 2015). The intern learns torely on the various communication strategies and methods that are digital. This helps them tonurture their communication skills. The intern learns to work under flexible environments.
2INDUSTRY ENGAGEMENTCollaborationThe bookkeeper intern learns to acquire the important documents that are necessary forthe client. The acquiring of these important documents is a difficult task. The intern learns theprocess of collaboration. The new files appear for the bookkeeper and have to be reviewed byhim. The use of the document viewer allows the bookkeeper to input the applicable informationin the accounting part. The document viewer also allows the assigning of the relevant notes aboutthe clients that enhances the collaboration with the customers and the clients, which allows theeasy retrieval of these documents later (Miley & Read, 2012). The bookkeeper learns the processof auditing the necessary financial reports. The digital copies that are available are useful for thebookkeeper as there is the movement towards the process of digitalization. The bookkeeperbecomes efficient and gains the ability to upload a file easily, search for the documents and focuson the business while concentrating on the matter of keeping the books updated.Problem solvingThe intern during the internship learns to develop a positive attitude skill. This skill isutilized for the issue of accounting. The accounting problems are solved with the help of analysisand collection of information relating to it. The intern takes guidance for solving these problemsrelating to accounting. The intern learns to develop efficient skills in the process of decision-making. The bookkeeper learns to develop a clear way for communicating the issues of theclient. They are the source of the additional work that the client states (Martin et al., 2016).Decision makingThe intern of bookkeeping understands the management of the process of decision-making. The intern understands the cost of the sales and the sales of each of the products and
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