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Influences on Health and Social Care Organizations2AbstractThe study aims at identifying some of the influences on health and social careorganization. In order to provide a high quality healthcare, there is need to consider some ofthe factors that may affect the healthcare and social care organization. After identifying them,necessary steps are taken to cub them. Studies from primary and secondary sources on healthtopics have indeed proven that there are influences on health and social care organization,some of which if not taken into consideration may completely damage the health sector. Thatis why there is need for further study on some of these influences on health and social careorganisations.

Influences on Health and Social Care Organizations3INTRODUCTIONOne of the primary concerns and objectives of a health care is the improvement of thequality of healthcare. Any patient would want a high quality healthcare. Poor qualityhealthcare always has a resultant effect. This applies mostly to the public health sector with amajority of patients. To better understand the influences on health and social care, there isneed to explore the relationship that exists between the health and social health careorganizations and the external environment, the impact of the organizational culture andstructure to the delivery of healthcare services. Finally, there is need to explore leadership inhealthcare and how it affects the service delivery in a healthcare or a social care organization.TASK 11.1 Analyse the impact of external environmental factors on health and social care organizations To begin with, what would be the relationship that exists between the health andsocial health care organizations and the external environment? When talking about theexternal environment, there is a direct reference to the political, economic and socialenvironment, according to Kinyua (2014). Political environment surrounding a particularhealth related organization would operate its activities either on the positive or the negativeside. On the positive, it is the political leaders that always fight to ensure that adequate andbetter health care services are provided to its citizens. It is some of those in politics thatalways sit down to come up with better health policies that make the health services better ina country. In addition, politically, the opposition party always keep the ruling party on toes toensuring that the government has the health of its citizens at the top of their interest list.Failure to which peaceful demonstrations are conducted until the services in the health sectoris improved. Thirdly, ‘good’ politics attract foreign investment to the health care of a country.Especially to the developing countries, no foreign support can be given to a country that ispolitically unstable. The public perception of a particular health care service can at times beinterfered with politically by a few minorities, with an aim of bringing down a competitivehealth care service provider. This, to the public, might spread so widely to an extent ofkeeping away the usual customers as they opt for other service providers, thus leading to thedeterioration of the health and social care provision.

Influences on Health and Social Care Organizations4Positive politics will, therefore, affect the health and social care organizationspositively. Political environment may affect the health and social care organizations through;high public benefits for everyone, strong labour movements as well as full policies onemployment. Through the three political activities, the result obtained would be lowinequalities in the health and social care sector (Tomljenovi, 2014).1.2 Evaluate the ways in which organizations respond to the impact of external factors including those of external stakeholdersDepending on the strength of a labour movement in a health sector, the workingconditions in a health sector will either rise or fall. A strong labour movement will alwaysfight for better medical services, employment of more medical staff where necessary andpromotion of its members as a way of motivating them. A medical practitioner will performbetter where there are better terms and conditions. Therefore, through such political labourmovements, there is better health and social care service provision. Through politics, the kindof services offered at the health and social organizations tend to be universal and with nofavouritism because of its location. This would have otherwise been very difficult to obtain. Politically, the citizens areable to willingly participate in paying taxes. Through the taxes, funds allocated to the healthsector rises thus better health care service provision. A country that provides fair employmentopportunities to its citizens is better off that the one that does not. This is because countrieswith such policies encourage employment of women thus giving them their own income.Better health, to women and children, is dependent on the income. Such policies are only putinto place politically (Mazurenko, 2012). The socioeconomic environment may also affect the health and social careorganizations in a number of ways which include; socially, how resources are shared fromstate to state will strongly determine the value of health care provision in a particular state.Poor resource distribution, especially the healthcare resources result to very poor health careservices thus affecting the quality of health care being offered in the health and social careorganizations. Availability of resources in the first place is important in service provision.One has to feed themselves before they can spend on the health costs. According to CLAPH(2013), the social attitudes and norms strongly affect the health sector. An environment withhigh discrimination of any kind cannot promote better health care services thus affecting the

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