INFO703 – Big Data and Analytics Assignment

Added on - 31 May 2021

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INFO703 – Big Data and AnalyticsAssignment - Part 2
1.0 IntroductionThe purpose of this report is to present the findings from analysing the car trade data and toextract business value from it. Prior to start working on this part, the analyst has gatheredinformation related to used care from trade me car website and upon cleaning those data, arange of analyses have been performed using IBM Watson Analytics tool. In order to performthis study, the analyst has devised one predictive question and one descriptive question andgenerated several queries to find out the answer to these two questions.2.0 Research questions:2.1 Descriptive question:Which type of body is the most preferable one amongst the used cars available on “trade mecare” website?2.2 Predictive question:If a person wants to buy a used car, what will be the chance that it will be an automatictransmission type car?3.0 Importing data into IBM Watson Analytics and refining dataRefining data prior to analyse it is the most crucial step for this task. In this particular case,there were several variables that did not have any influence on the above mentioned tworesearch questions. In fact, these variables did not indicate any specific information as awhole. Hence, the first step was to remove those unproductive variables. Using the excludecolumn option from refine data in Watson Analytics, those unproductive variables wereexcluded. The next step was to remove missing values of the chosen variable. Filter optionswere used to d the same.4.0 Analysis4.1 Descriptive AnalysisIn order to perform this descriptive analysis, following 5 queries were used. The researchquestion aimed to identify the most preferable body type of available used car. To find outthe same, the analyst first concentrated on number of bid count recorded and categorisedthem for each body type. The result as mentioned below under query 1, has shown thathatchback body type cars experienced most number of bids. It is indicating the fact that whileconsidering a used car, customer prefers to take hatchback type of car.Query 1: What is the breakdown of body by gallery bid count?
While the query on considered bid count, through query 2, the analyst has tried to find out therelationship between average bid price and body type. The finding has been shown in thebelow figure and from this it can be said that average bid price was high for hatchback typeof cars.Query 2: How does the values of average price and bid count compare by body?Query 3 related to this descriptive question was about understanding total milage of availableused cars. The average milage of those exiting cars were analysed and found that hatchbacktype of cars were used by majority of the customer.Query 3: How does the values of average milage compare by body and gallery bid count?
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