CHCECE013 Use Information About Children to Inform Practice

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CHCECE013Use information about children to inform practiceAssessment WorkbookSTUDENT DECLARATIONI__________________________________________________________declare that below tasks are myown work.þNone of this work has been completed by any other person.þI have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded with any other student/s.þI have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts throughout theseassessment tasks.þI understand that if I am found to be in breach of policy, disciplinary action may be takenagainst me.Student signature:___________________________________________________________________________________Student name:_______________________________________________________________________________________CHCECE013 _AW_V1Copyright 4Life Pty LtdPage1of13
THEORY ASSESSMENT OUTCOMES:- CHCECE013This section is completed by your trainer/assessor. It gives you feedback on the writtenassessments which are in this assessment book. All assessments must have a task outcomeof satisfactory.QuestionSatisfactoryNotSatisfactoryComments1a1b2a2b345a5bCase study 1SatisfactoryNot SatisfactoryThe student’s overallperformance is:Is re-assessmentnecessary?DateAssessor signatureQUESTION1CHCECE013 _AW_V1Copyright 4Life Pty LtdPage2of13
a)Which of the National Quality Standards relates to developing a curriculum that enhanceseach child’s learning and development?The standard 1 of the national quality standards relates to the programs of developingcurriculum for the enhancement of each child’s learning and development (Barber, Cohrssen& Church, 2014). It focuses on improving the framework to develop the quality of educationand the active participation of teachers and co-ordinators in the development and properimplementation of the policies.b)What role does observing and documenting children have in this Standard?The observing and documentation of children has a major role to play in the implementationof this standard (Lemon & Garvis, 2014). The time-to-time evaluation of the children helps inthe understanding the needs of the child and which process would help them in their learningprocesses. The involvement of the child with the co-ordinators and the teachers help theteachers to evaluate the improvement in the child and the fields, which require more focus onan individual level. It helps in planning and implementing ideas for planning scenarios, whichincrease the involvement and the interest of the child in the learning and the cognitivedevelopment practices in the childcare. The standards help in keeping a tab on the follow-upof the necessary practices for the development of the child, proper functioning andeffectiveness of the infrastructure.Question 2Access the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Choose one of the articlesthat you feel relates to observing and documenting children to inform program planning, andanswer the questions.a)Which article did you choose?The Article 7 of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is taken into accountwhile planning answering the given scenario (Assembly, 2014).c)How does this relate to using observations to inform policy planning?This article takes into account the rights of a child born in the country the right to have anidentity in the form of name and all the necessary documentation, which is the proof of thatCHCECE013 _AW_V1Copyright 4Life Pty LtdPage3of13
identity. In addition, the child has the right to know and be cared for by their parents (Lundy,Kilkelly & Byrne, 2013). The government needs to device policies such that the children bornin the country have their rights secured by these policies of this government. The child needsto know the parents they are born to and the parents should take care of the children unlessit is beyond their measures. Thus it is the responsibility of the government to device policiesthat the rights of the child are secured and they have proper fulfilment of their needs by theparents and the state.QUESTION3When recording information about children, what are two ethical issues that you need to thinkabout?The ethical issues that need to be considered while recording information about children are:Confidentiality and privacy: The information should be kept confidential so that theassessment and any weakness faced by the child do not become public (Van Hecke,Malfait, & Eeckloo, 2017). The custodial agreements, medical records, incident reportsand other private information should be kept confidential to prevent any misuse.Time of observation: The time of observation is another issue to be taken care of asthere should be no intrusion with the activities the child is performing to prevent anydiscrepancy from coming in the information provided (Alkon, et al., 2014).The children should be monitored at appropriate developmental level with parentalpermission. The children should be monitored at different levels of their developmentand the consent of the parents is necessary while monitoring the child (Vermeer, et al,2016).The recording of the information of the children should always be free from bias andany negative labelling of the child which would hamper their future prospects andsocial interaction (Bird, et al., 2016).QUESTION4CHCECE013 _AW_V1Copyright 4Life Pty LtdPage4of13
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