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Developing Competencies2Existing Networking SkillsAs we know that network engineers are positioned at the core of the network foundation, theymust be able to deeply understand the network infrastructure as well as the applications runningon them. Network is considered as the nucleus of the entire technologies that has the ability tocombine all applications, the network engineer must integrate these applications together.Having advances such as automation of entire system and SDN, systems of today are custom-made around the entire applications that are running crosswise over them. Accordingly,engineers must have the capacity to comprehend application need, understanding network traffic,and other arrangement to streamline information transport. (Froehlich, A., 2017).System designers can work internally or externally depending on the requirement and size of theorganization. They will likely guarantee the uprightness of high accessibility networkingenvironment to give most extreme execution to their clients. Users might be staff, customers,clients and providers. Networking engineer is the main person who is responsible for installation,analysis, engineering as well as execution of new frameworks and advances like SoftwareDefined Networking; setting and keeping up global system specialized benchmarks; giveimproved framework abilities and development; give consultation to tasks and systemorganization. (Performance recruitment inc., 2017).Being a network engineer in IT department in Education sector, my job duties includeresponsibilities such as planning, installation, maintenance, investigating troubleshooting or testsystems. I am responsible to configure as well as installation of hardware networking deviceslike switches, routers, firewalls and VPN QoS. I am also responsible to perform network supportas well as any network updates that includes service packs, patches, hot fixes or any othersecurity configuration. By utilizing Command Line Interface (CLIs), I use to configure layer 3
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Developing Competencies3routers, switches etc. I evacuate or install information outlet which incorporates testing andfixing Ethernet links and repairing any data ports. By using GUI application to provision, I use toinstall, configure or analyze any remote access points. (https://resources.workable.com, 2017).Developing Networking CompetenciesThe modern organization's enterprise information and communication technology (ICT) mustneeds some adaptable, varying bandwidth alternatives. The demand of enhanced bandwidth isexpanding exponentially over different networking techniques going from private multiprotocolswitching (MPLS) systems to public or private wireless network. It requires another innovationdesign that can give agile as well as ensured execution relying upon the particular applicationswhich is being used. The implementation of secure, hybrid networking device for secure, hybridIT organizing is a communication service provider (CSP) which is virtual private system (VPN)which is capable for delivering good quality voice, video, as well as business informationapplications to the scope of business areas. My main aim is to develop the followingcompetencies so that I can be a better asset for the organization: (Munroe, 2017).Configuring Virtual Profile for Virtual Network – In order to minimize the installation cost ofnetworking, we can use virtual networking in the organization. As virtual networking is the mainarea of interest for today’s networking. The high speed routing as well as packet forwarding andin addition encryption whether it is IPsec or SSL and balance traffic load, it all depends on thededicated silicon. For all these activities, a dedicated hardware must be required that leads toincrease in the networking expenses. Therefore, these days virtual networking is in trend. Virtualized networking is used when firewall as well as other routing functions that areactualized as a component of the virtual switch in every hypervisor. This could bring about idealtraffic flow between virtual machines whether they have a place with a similar IP subnet or not
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