Information and Safety Administration Assignment

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INFORMATION AND SAFETY ADMINISTRATION2Question 1The enterprise level operations oriented applications refer to the primary information andthe technology systems and how they impact to the given a typical businessorganization, they comprise most of the IT funding requirements and in most occasions theymake up to 80%.Due to a large number of clerical workers, the transaction Processing Systemapplications are also required. The IS/ IT is required. Our case study in this discussion will be theMSCC chamber of business commerce and will involve the security of information and itstransfer[ CITATION Dav131 \l 1033 ].Midsouth chamber of commerce
INFORMATION AND SAFETY ADMINISTRATION3The chart is not highly effective since it does not include the usage, the benefits and theeconomics behind the structure[ CITATION Dav131 \l 1033 ].The transaction processing systems make up the major part of administration orientedmulti-million dollar enterprise schemes. They are not given much attention due to theircomplexity. The figure shown below is a good representation of the gross simplification of theTPS oriented systems.Justification of the information systemsFor an organizations administration to install the information systems, there should be ajustification policy which includes:The mission functionality of the system to be carried out by the enterprise.
INFORMATION AND SAFETY ADMINISTRATION4Should be carried out by the requesting organizationLead to reduction of risks[CITATION Bro14 \l 1033 ].Be implemented in successive chunks.Implementation of the cost softwareQuestion 2The most precise coverage of software project estimation is done and it involves theestimation of an application of software development cost and that can be done by use of asimilar chart as show below.A CASE STUDY: MIDSOUTH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (A)We will opt for the Midsouth chamber of commerce which is a good example of aplatform whereby a large amount of information can be shared through network to reach a largenumber of people and precisely to the potential users. The kind of information disseminationchannel is applicable to the users because they can determine whether the channel is helpful ornot[CITATION Bro14 \l 1033 ]. The development of theMidsouth area is dependent ontransportation network which is not sufficient in any way.
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