The Information Architecture of the Archifarm

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RUNNING HEAD:ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE APPLICATIONSInformation ArchitectureThe information architecture of the Archifarm is an information map labelling the assets ofthe company, the goals, targets, drivers and organizational structure that will enable thecompany to plan for targets and how they will be achieved. In Archifarm, there is an array ofsources, distributors, markets and participants (Engelsman et al., 2011).Archifarm is a dairy farm whose main products are dairy products. As such, there are feedswhich are required on a regular basis and other cow needs. Currently, they supply todistributors on a fixed contract basis where they are liable to penalties in case of lowerquantities produced. Their cows are also susceptible to diseases which are often detectedwhen too late to treat. They have also been facing stiff pressure from suppliers in terms ofrevenues meaning their primary objective is increasing profits without raising the prices.To achieve this goal, Archifarm has sought to invest in the Precision Livestock Farming(PLF) technology which would monitor the cattle and report any ailments before they canbecome serious. As such, they can be treated early preventing low milk production anddeaths.There are 3 main units with the main one being the biggest. The 2 others have 200 cows eachbut have more expenses as they have to outsource equipment and services. As such, scalingthese production sites into one big one can greatly reduce running costs but may increaselogistics costs.1
RUNNING HEAD:ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE APPLICATIONSFigure1: ArchiFarm's Information ArchitectureApplication UsageTo maximize probability, the farm plans to put up some measures in place and it is theirapplication that will help reduce the overall costs of dairy product production. Theseapplications to be incorporated include the incorporation of PLF technologies, Data analysisprograms and restructuring the organization. In the application view, the data will be takengenerally without much need to explain who and what does what.In incorporating the PLF technologies, the whole idea is to install the sensors and datamonitoring devices on the cows for information receiving and recording. The PLF technologycomponents, being foreign in nature in a cows body, may have the desired effect but with2
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