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Running head: INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENTInformation and communication technology managementName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENTAnswer to question 1:Company mergers are termed as unifying of the business prospects between two differentcompanies to create a single entity that will have the power to rule among all the employeesassociated with the individual companies. This is mainly done for the sharing of resources and toget more business revenue. They are also done sometimes when one company is unable to dobusiness while the other takes charge making it their own.There are many cultural issues that may arise due to the merger between twoorganizations (Ford and Richardson 2013). The first issue that will arise is the cross-culturalissues of doing work that will affect the way of doing work.In addition, the major issues in theaspect of ICT are the security and privacy. Due to the merger between two organizations, theprofiles of an employee can be directly accessible by the other organization. This in termincreases uneasiness in the employee.Answer to question 2:The case of conflict of interest, the accepted methodology is considered the McDonaldframework. The McDonald framework for ethical management is an efficient methodology forsolving ethics related problems. As Hardeep is involved with an ethical dilemma of whetherchoosing his friend’s motives above the company, the need for this framework is required.The first step in this framework involves the collection of information and identificationof the problem. This is used for analysis of the problem. The next step is the inclusion ofalternatives in the solutions. These are then used to address the business. The third step involvesidentification of moral issues and other factors in cases of the alternatives (Leipziger 2017). The
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