Information Fluency Assignment

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Running head: INFORMATION FLUENCYInformation fluencyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
INFORMATION FLUENCY1Task 11.1Information fluency is the capability to get proper information from different media,appraising the information thoroughly as well as scrutinizing it properly (Silvermanet al.2013). The three questions that the students need to ask before searching for the relevantinformation are as follows-What are the keywords that can be made use of in order to find relevant information related tothe topic?What are the different sources that can be made use of in order to find information about thetopic?Which are the different research areas that is concerned with this topic?Thorough reading of the topic is the key requisite for finding pertinent information. Completeunderstanding of the topic can help an individual in finding pertinent information. Searchingdifferent sources can help in the process of verifying of the information and can also help thestudent in avoiding the incidence of plagiarism. Analysis of the information would help thestudent in finding the right information.1.2The three possible sources that are relevant to the topic i.e. Information Fluency are-Unkelbach, C. and Greifeneder, R. eds., 2013.The experience of thinking: How the fluencyof mental processes influences cognition and behaviour. Psychology Press.In this book the authors has discussed about experiencing thinking. It is said that nothing can bemore coherent than thinking. The act of giving reasons, thinking properly, and judging
INFORMATION FLUENCY2arguments, considering and reconsidering those arguments is regarded as fact. The authors hasalso discussed about the concept of fluency. It has been mentioned that the experiences offluency are common and general but the people does not focus on them. Therefore if the peopleattend their mental processes and give importance to it, the factor of feeling which is related toall thinking process can be experienced. The principle of fluency, its sources as well as fluencyin social processing, fluency and behavior regulation are explained in this book (Unkelbach andGreifeneder 2013).Sharkey, J., 2013. Establishing twenty-first-century information fluency.Reference & UserServices Quarterly,53(1), p.33.In this journal article the author has written about the establishment of information fluency intwenty-first century. It has been discussed that technology is vital for any kind of informationand it cannot be estranged from the social context. Technology is transpiring phenomenainterlinked with what is frequently differentiated as political, socio-cultural as well aseconomical and scientific background. It has also been discussed that the students nowadays relyon technology for most of the reasons whether it is for communication or for education. It hasalso been found that institutions who offer higher education accept their responsibility for thechange in learning structures in order to give better and new digital environment (Sharkey 2013).Bawden, D., 2014, October. Being fluent and keeping looking. InEuropean Conference onInformation Literacy(pp. 13-18). Springer, Cham.In this article the author has evaluated many concepts and models in the region of informationliteracy and some personal views how to clarify in the best possible way both in theory and inpractical. The idea of concept of information fluency can be provided as a main purpose for the
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