The Information or Knowledge Management System

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1.Describe the information or knowledge management systems that may exist at the following locations:a.Victory Sports storeInventory management system, sales management system, cashmanagement system and stock management system are the variousknowledge management systems at the Victory Sports storeb.The warehouseWarehouse knowledge management system would include Inventorymanagement system, raw material management system and systemmanaging outflow of stocks and inventory.c.Victory Sports headofficeKnowledge management system that the head office would require issystem having knowledge of all stores and stocks in each store.Additionally, head office would require knowledge of employees andproducts in various stores[ CITATION Dal13 \l 1033 ]V2017.T4. 1.1BSB50215 Diploma of Business/ BSBINM501/ 2017/ T4/ Assessment ToolPage1of8
2.What measures might be used to assess effectiveness of each of these systems?These systems can be measured by analysis of knowledge quality, audits of the system andlevel of kneeled available and benchmarking cross organisational knowledge and comparingown knowledge management system to other organisations. Also, all the systems will beconsidered effective if they are able to provide upgraded knowledge and information to allconcerned[ CITATION Dal13 \l 1033 ]3.What legislative requirements may apply to the systems at each Victory Sports location?Legislatives pertaining to minimum working hours, health and safety and other workersrelated legislatives may apply to the stores, warehouse and head office of Victory Sports..Additionally the systems will have to comply with product quality, taxation andtransportation system related legislations[ CITATION Dal13 \l 1033 ]4.Does each company organisational policies and produces comply with relevant legislative requirements and thecompany’s individual organisational goals?Each Victory Sports company organisation tries to strive towards achievement of companygoals of meeting sales target and it tries to comply with legislative requirements. Knowledgemanagement systems help in understanding and implementing all legislations pertaining toworkers, products and taxation. Therefore, through effective implementation of legislationsknowledge management system can work effectively for Victory Sports[ CITATIONHua09 \l 1033 ]5.Imagine you are conducting a review of the warehouse system at Victory Sports.a.How might you measurethe effectiveness of thisreview?The review of warehouse system of Victory sports will beeffective if all aspects of the warehouse systems are checked foreffectiveness. For example, assessment of time and efficiency ofraw material and product inflow and outflow. Additionally,assessing whether all concerned have updated knowledge of thewarehouse inventory and time of stock taking and delivery willhelp in assessing its effectiveness[ CITATION Dal13 \l1033 ]b.What challenges mightyou expect whenimplementing the upgradeto this system?Workers working with in the warehouse system may resistchanges. Also people may find it difficult to understand thechanges initially.Moreover, upgrading of knowledge management system maychange the dynamic of work at the warehouse or it may changethe time of stock taking etc., which may lead to initial chaos asall stakeholders may not adapt to the changes in a fastmanner[ CITATION Dal13 \l 1033 ].V2017.T4. 1.1BSB50215 Diploma of Business/ BSBINM501/ 2017/ T4/ Assessment ToolPage2of8
c.How might you resolvethese challenges?Giving proper training to workers regarding the changes andeducating them regarding the implementation of changed systemwill help in reducing resistance.[ CITATION Dal13 \l 1033 ]V2017.T4. 1.1BSB50215 Diploma of Business/ BSBINM501/ 2017/ T4/ Assessment ToolPage3of8
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