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Proposal for Developing a Management Information System for Accent Enterprises

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Added on  2019-09-20

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This proposal outlines the issues faced by Accent Enterprises due to the absence of a Management Information System and suggests the development of an efficient MIS department to prevent data redundancy, reduce data irregularities and inconsistency, and create a system with up-to-date and real-time information. The estimated budget for the project is $300,000, and the estimated time span is one year. The proposal also includes resource allocation, schedule, budgeting, and monitoring and control.
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Information management project proposalIssuesAccent Enterprises has been experiencing data anomalies in their information and data because of the absence of Management Information System. Due to this reason, the company is1.Experiencing data redundancy2.Experiencing data anomaly.3.Issues in processing up-to-date information in database4.Issues in computers due to high amount of data storage.ObjectiveTo develop an efficient Management Information System Department. The Management Information System will aim to (Coronel, C., & Morris, S., 2016).1.Create a system preventing the data redundancy2.Reduce the data irregularities and inconsistency3.Create a system with up-to-date and real-time information4.Create a system with respect to the memory capacity.EstimationThe Management Information System will be implemented as quickly as possible and the current problems have been halting proper functioning. However, the project is estimated to be completed in one year of time span.The estimated budget for whole project is around $300,000 for the implementation of MIS Department in the company. The budget charges include the hardware and software charges
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with the shipping and insurance during shipment. The estimated hardware 227,000and for software is $30,000. Resource AllocationRoleAllocated resourcesInvolvement phaseProject Account Manager1All phasesSecurity senior consultant1Initiation and Design phaseProject manager1All phaseSenior analyst1Analysis phaseSenior system architect1Design phaseSenior system Designer1Design phaseSenior team leader1Development phaseSenior engineer2Initiation and Development phaseSenior SW Engineer1Development phase and maintenanceService administrator1Deployment and training phaseSenior interface engineer2Design phaseSenior developer6Development phaseSenior web navigation1Design phaseService test Engineer1Testing phaseTester2Testing phase
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