Information Security Assignment - Impact of Society

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Information Security1st AuthorFirst author's affiliation1st line of address2nd line of address1st author's email address2nd Author2nd author's affiliation1st line of address2nd line of address2nd E-mail3rd Author3rd author's affiliation1st line of address2nd line of address3rd E-mailABSTRACTThis research paper discusses benefits and limitations ofinternet usage in daily life. Technology has both positiveand negative effects on the society and daily life of anindividual. This paper talks about different usages ofinternet usage in daily life. Impacts of the internet in thesociety have been described in this research paper. Onlinesurvey questionnaires have been developed for collectingdata related to the internet usage. The analysis of data hashelped in providing results related to the researchoutcome.1.INTRODUCTION1.1Background of the studyInformation technology has been gatheringimportance in recent years. There has been the hugeincrease in the internet usage among individuals in thesociety. Both positive and negative consequences ofinternet usage have been discussed in this paper. The useof internet has helped in many ways (Poushter 2016).Different advanced technologies have been accessed byusing internet services. The Internet was able to influencevarious levels of society. Transportation system has beenmade convenient for users to different classes ofindividuals of the society. Communication systems havebeen enhanced with the availability of the internet.Television, computers and mobile devices have been mainsources of entertainment for individuals. Satellite andInternet broadcasting has been the main source of livetelecast of shows and games (Dunbar, Proeve and Roberts2017). However, there have been various negative impactsof the internet in the society.This paper discusses various negative impacts ofthe internet in the society. Positive impacts have been alsohighlighted in this research paper.The goal of this paper is to look into the depthimpacts of the internet over the society. This researchpaper has used Cognitive development in the internet usetheories for developing an idea about the positive use ofthe internet. The research has followed a propermethodology to complete the research. Online surveyquestionnaire has been developed for data collectionrelated to the topic.1.2Aims, Objectives and researchquestionsThe aim of the research paper is to criticallyanalyze the benefits of the internet usage in society.The objectives of this research are following:To identify benefits of internet usage in thesocietyTo critically analyze the usage of internet in thesocietyTo identify negative impacts of internet usage insocietyTo recommend strategies for mitigating issues inusage of internet in societyResearch questions are as following:What are the benefits of internet usage in thesociety?What is the use of internet in the society?What are the negative impacts of usage ofinternet in the society?How can these negative impacts beremoved?1.3Significance of the researchThis research deals with identifying cognitiveapproach towards the benefits of internet usage in thesociety. The research focuses on the limitation so theinternet usage in the society the impact of the internetusers have been depicted in the research. Themethodology if the research has been its strength. Onlinesurvey questionnaires have been created for collectingdata from the customers in the society. The findings if theanalysis has helped in understanding the benefits of theinternet usage in the society.1.4SummaryThis chapter discusses the overview of theresearch paper. The research aim, objectives and questionshave been initiated in this chapter. The basic scenario of
the internet usage in the society has been provided in thechapter.2.LITERATURE REVIEW2.1Concept of the InternetThe Internet established in the 1960s and becamea mainstream lifeline for the people in the recent years. Ithas shown many changes and growth in the market thedemand if the internet has been continually rising in themarket (Servidio 2014). The internet is a massive networkthat is used globally in the market. The use of internet hasbeen spread up to every field in the market.As commented byMacfarlane(2016), the use ofinternet has increased worldwide. In 2011, 30.2 % ofworld ‘population has been using the internet. As arguedby (), from 2000-2011, population growth in Thailanddeclined from 0.9% in 2000 to 0.6% in 2010. The growthof Internet use in Asia (706.9%) was higher than that inEurope and North America (353.1% and 151.7%,respectively) (Gerpott and Thomas 2014).Figure 1: World Internet users by regions(Source:Van Deursen and van Dijk 2014)2.2Impact of Internet usage on societyInternet usage has been positively affected thesociety. Various types of knowledge and information canbe accessed from the internet. Students are getting helpfrom the internet by reading online tutorials. There hasbeen a massive change in the thinking if the people by theuse of the internet. As argued byTorrent-Sellenset al.(2016), teenagers are misusing the internet by watchingillegal websites and videos over the internet. However, theinternet has helped in maintaining the balance ofknowledge among people in the society. The use of theinternet has simplified the source of knowledge in dailylife. Various medical knowledge is provided by theinternet. The internet has helped in connecting the worldto one network. Social media has helped in chatting andmaking new friends from all over the world. As argued byVenkateshet al. (2016), many criminal and illegalactivities are being initiated by the use of internetincluding cyber-attacks, brainwashing, phishing andflooding, data loss have a common problem by the use ofthe internet. Therefore, the internet has both positive andnegative aspects of the society.3.METHODOLOGYA sample has been taken from the population ofdifferent demographics including children, teenagers,adults and senior citizens of different professions. Datahas been collected from a primary method of datacollection. An online survey questionnaire has beenprepared for collecting data. A sample size of 34 peoplehave been taken for the online survey and their answerswere collected in the form of data and information relatedto the usage of internet in the society. The research hasbeen ethically considered by followingData ProtectionAct 1998 (Rahimi and Rad 2017).Outcomes and results ofthe research have not been published and shared with anyother individual. The timeline of the research was notappropriate for completion.There has been some limitation in the datacollection process. Some participants have haphazardlyfilled up the survey form. This creates the problem forcollecting wrong and manipulated data for the research.The budget for the research was low that restricted the useof advanced technology in the research (Verboord 2017).The results and outcomes of the research havesuccessfully fulfilled the objectives and research questionsthat were initiated in the first chapter.4.DATA FINDINGS AND ANALYSISThe results of the graphs and charts show thatmost of the internet users are males. However, femaleusers are equal to the male users. Most of the users areranging between 16-40 years of age group. It means thatgenerally teenagers and adults are using the internet in afrequent manner. From the chart, it is observed that mostof the users connect their computers and mobile phoneswith the internet and access for 7-8 hours a day.The results show that most of the users are usinginternet for entertainment and education purpose. Most ofthe users are doing online chatting with friends and havemore than 10 online friends. For ease of use of theinternet, most users bookmark their favourite site.However, users are preferring online shopping using theinternet than offline shopping. However, it seems thatmost of the young users are getting addicted to theinternet.5.CONCLUSION ANDRECOMMENDATIONS5.1ConclusionIt can be concluded that the internet has helped inmany aspects of life. The use of the internet has helped inproviding a better life to the users in the society. Internethas changed the scenario of the standard of living.Communication and transportation systems have beenadvanced from the previous approach. Internet has helped
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