Information Security Paper on Cloud Computing

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Running head: CRITIQUE OF ARTICLECritique of ArticleName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note:
1CRITIQUE OF ARTICLEDeception and Manoeuvre Warfare Utilising Cloud ResourcesThe paperDeception and Manoeuvre Warfare Utilizing Cloud Resourcesby theauthors Stilianos Vidalis and Olga Angelopoulou discusses about the operations ofManoeuvre Warfare by utilizing the resources of cloud computing (Applegate 2012). Thispaper describes that how the resources of cloud computing can be used as the part of aninformation security model of 21stcentury that is utilized by the modern small and mediumsized enterprises. Technologyis the driving force for the human society. The cloudcomputing resources that are utilized by the modernsmall and medium sized enterprises areoperated both at the national and the international level (VIDALIS and Angelopoulou 2013).The security of the digital assets and the implantation of the deception strategy within theCNO or Computer Networks Operations are proved to be extremely cost effective securitycontrols as they do not incur huge costs. Moreover, these Computer Networks Operations arealso proved to be efficient (Taddeo 2012). The authors have described about the exponentialincrement in the extremely advanced technology in terms of processing power, applicationand storage that are coupled together with the organized and available knowledge through theInternet power that is accessed by all the normal users and the agents of threat.The implementation of the deception strategy within the design of security of theimportant infrastructure of a particular business and also the threat of attack are furthercounterbalanced(VIDALIS and Angelopoulou 2013). The various methods and techniquesthat are developed for the warfare and the battles are required for implementation in thevirtual world. The authors Stilianos Vidalis and Olga Angelopoulou have clearly describedthe reason of the deception strategy for the security of assets, threats and vulnerabilities. Thepaper also helps to understand the implementation procedure of the deception strategy(VIDALIS and Angelopoulou 2013). Threat agents are those individuals who exploit theassets of an organization and can easily manifest a threat.
2CRITIQUE OF ARTICLEProviding an opposition to the correct information in the incorrect time and incorrectinformation in the correct and proper time can typically point for weakening the process ofdecision making of a threat agent, and finally granting the superiority of information to therespective ISO or Information Security Officer.It isevident that Information Warfare and Information Operations are two completelydifferent entities (Beloglazov, Abawajy and Buyya 2012). InformationWarfarecan bedefined as the concept that involves the utilization and management of information andcommunication technology for gainingor obtaining competitive advantages over the rival.This information warfare mainly involves the collection of logical information or data forperforming any kind of information related operation.Cloud Computing enables all the individuals for utilizing the platforms for software,unlimited storage space and the applications for all the personal data that are made possiblethrough the Internet (Zissis and Lekkas 2012).According toRayport ET Heyward (2009)Cloud Computing can be defined as:“Cloud computing represents a new way to deploycomputing technology to giveusers the ability to access, work on, share, and storeinformation using the Internet .The cloud itself is a network of data centres- each composedof many thousands of computers working together – that can perform the functions ofsoftware on a personal or business computer by providing users access to powerfulapplications, platforms and services delivered over the Internet.”It isevident that cloud computing is the technology for secured data transferring thatis obtaining momentum throughout the industry of computing (Zissis and Lekkas 2012).Marketing campaigns, especially on social media are introducing this term to all the nontechnical people who do not any idea about cloud computing.
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