Management Information Systems Assignment

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Week 5 Objectives- Enhancing Organizational Communication andCollaboration Using social Media.Evaluate the advantage and disadvantages of popular Web-based collaboration tools.Discussion Item 5.1: Research, analyze, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages ofWeb-based collaboration tools? Compare and contrast Google Apps and MicrosoftSharePoint.Answer:In the workplace cross-team collaboration is critical for productivity and performanceon a project[ CITATION ezt18 \l 1033 ]. It provides innovative approach to the project allowingquickdecision making. There are various advantages and disadvantages of Web-basedcollaboration tool. Some of its advantages are;1.Providing convenience in organizing meetings:Online collaboration allows two peoplelocated at different places to work together. Branches of companies in varied cities andcountries can easily engage individuals using collaboration tools.2.Allow easy management of projects:Online collaboration allows converging meetingsat any time for easier management of projects.3.Allowing faster project completion:Different stakeholders involved in a project canprovide valuable inputs by extending their expertise. Collaboration allows formation ofviable solutions by synergies with quick response and decision time.4.Providing cost saving advantages:Participating in meeting can involve significant costsfor wanting to accommodate everyone. Online meeting hosting allows holding meetingwith hundreds of participants simultaneously.Some of its major disadvantages are;1.Absence of face-to-face interaction:Online collaboration is done through videoconferencing avoiding real-time communication between people involved.2.Probability of network failure and equipment breakdown:Online meeting can beefficient and convenient but equipment failure of network breakdown can create a hurdle.3.Cultural and linguistic difference:While through collaboration companies can bringtogether employees from different countries on a given project. Such efforts can improveperformance but can limit engagement in case of language and cultural differences.2|Page
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