Information System Management.

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Information System ManagementAssignment QuestionsInformation Systems are playing a significant role by providing a new businessmodel for competitive advantages, and for better decision making.Your task is to write a report critically evaluating the business impact of cloudcomputing, Big Data, and the mobile platform in an organisation of your choice.Your report should be persuasive and should present balanced views.Your report should cover:Background information• Provide background and definitions for cloud computing and Big Data.• Evaluate the challenges and benefits of cloud computing and Big Data.Specific Analysis relevant to your chosen case study organisation• Analyse how Big Data is used as a source for business intelligence,including advances in analytical tools (LO: 1).• Evaluate how Big data improves decision making and knowledgemanagement in an organisation of your choice (LO: 2).• Explain the opportunities and challenges brought about by cloudcomputing and Big Data to your selected organisation when compared tousing traditional database systems (LO 2,3).• Analyse methods and procedures for data collection and storage for yourselected organisation (LO; 3).It is important that you do not simply define this area of knowledge, but insteadapply it, using a case study and examples.How to structure the assignment reportTitle PageAssignment title, module code, full name and student code, as well assubmission date.
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