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Running head: INFORMATION SYSTEMInformation System[Name of the student][Name of the University][Author note]
INFORMATION SYSTEM1Extreme programming also known as XP is a methodology adopted for the purpose ofsoftware development which aims at increasing the quality of the software along with increasingthe response of the software according the requirements of the customers. Extreme programmingcan also be defined as a type of agile software development process in which the frequentreleases are advocated in the form of short cycle for the development which initially aims atincreasing the software’s productivity besides that it also helps in creating checkpoints which ismeant for meeting the requirements of the new customers at any point of time(Ghani and Yasin2013). Extreme programming is very much successful as it mainly stresses on the satisfaction ofthe customers. What this type of programming do is instead of including everything at one timethinking about the future they just deliver the software’s as needed by the user at that time.There are various types of elements included in the extreme programming and thisincludes “programming in pairs or doing extensive code review”, “unit testing of all the codes”,“programming” of the features is avoided unless and until they are needed in actual, amanagement structure that is flat, simplicity and clarity of the code, with the flow of timechanges in the customer’s requirements are expected along with understanding the problem in abetter way and lastly the frequent communication line between the programmers and thecustomers(Rumpe and Schröder 2014). Teamwork is emphasized by teamwork that means themanagers, customers, and developers all are equal partners in a team. Extreme programmingimplements an effective work environment which is simple and enabling the teams to increasetheir productivity. Self-organisation is done by the team around the problem thereby enablingthem to solve the problem in an effective way. Software projects are helped by the extremeprogramming to improve in five different and important ways that is “communication”,“simplicity”, “feedback”, “respect”, and “courage” (Teles 2017). The programmers involved in
INFORMATION SYSTEM2extreme programming maintains a constant communication with the customers and the fellowprogrammers. The designs are kept clean and simple by the programmers. The programmers getfeedback from the customers by the continuously testing the software from the day they havestarted. The software is delivered to the customers as early as possible and then implementing thechanges as required by the users(Salleh Mendes and Grundy 2014). The success of the team is aresult of the hard work of each and every team member. The most important feature of extremeprogramming is that the rules are very much simple. The rules in spite of looking awkward istotally based on the sound values and the principles. The rules set the exceptions between theteam members but not their end goals(Wood Michaelides and Thomson 2013). The rules help indefining the environment which eventually prompts the team collaboration and empowermentthat is the goal of the team. The flowchart provided below shows the extreme programming rulesand how they work together. Customers being a part of the process enjoys it and the contributionof the developers are active without considering their experience level and what the managers dois they concentrate on the communication and the relationships. The activities that areunproductive are trimmed off so as to reduce the costs and the frustrations of each individualinvolved in the process(Sletholt et al 2012).
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