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Business Challenges and Responsibilities of Chief Information Officer (CIO) in 21st Century

Added on -2019-09-20

This article discusses the business challenges and responsibilities of Chief Information Officer (CIO) in 21st Century. It also talks about the interpersonal organizational responsibilities of CIO and the importance of CIO role in 21st Century.
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Information system 1Chief Information Officer (CIO)A highest form of position who intelligently devise information technology strategy and support computers to order to blend it with the company goals & objectives.Change is an inevitable part of constant. A CIO needs to be adaptive to the latest technology, data, and skills & manifest it into the daily routine (Capella, 2006). There can be challenges & barriers for the CIO to foresee & implement them.Discuss the business challenges confronting the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the 21stcentury.Changes in trends, advancement in technology needs to be a forecasted & well adapted by the CIO. Some of the below challenges a CIO can face-:Address the growing need for agilityBreak free from technical debtBalance data accessibility with securityAdapt to a connected worldBridge the skills gapChallenges faced by today’s 21st century CIO-:
Information system 21) “Shadow IT” Developing a third-party cloud based solutions for more data storage capacity. The challenge liesin integrating it & not bypassing it within the end users.2) Address the cloud decisionIt’s a blend of in-house apps and cloud apps while integrating cloud computing. In order to save large chunk of data, companies like to merge its important apps and services to the cloud (Newbold, 2007).The challenge lies for CIO in decoding which apps, services & data to move.3) Integrate disparate technologyDeciding which apps, services to move & which to forgo is a crucial decision. The challenge liesin deciding.4) Provide a singular experience across multiple platformsIt should deliver similar experience irrespective of the devices been used by the end users. It should be adaptive as per user devices.5) Deliver solutions quicklyChallenge lies in quickly diagnosing the problems, finding new ideas & innovations to provide an enjoyable experience to the end users. For this, a CIO needs to mix & match after series of experiments & finally serving the best of technology to users.

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