Information Systems Organizations Assignment

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Running head: INFORMATION ASSETS ASSESSMENTINFORMATION ASSETS ASSESSMENTName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
INFORMATION ASSETS ASSESSMENT1Task 1:Information asset of an organisation is the organisation’s system information that staysmanaged and organized as a unit. The information asset of the considered organisation arediscussed as follows:Financial information:The method by which the firm collects the donation from the publicfor its operations. The cost associated with its activities and projects (Peltier 2016). All thefinancial information such as financial reports and accounting data.Services: The services that the considered organisation offers is also included in the list oftheir informational data. The short-term or long-term assignments, marked assignments,emails and exams they get from their member institutions are also included. Research anddevelopment done for the organisation and its member institutions are also its informationassets.Operations:The recruiting process as a member of the organisation. The test, theinterviewing methods and the training material they provide to their new members areincluded in this category. Documentation and software used for the purposes mentionedabove are also included in their information assets.EDM (Enterprises Data Management):EDM refers the efficacy of a firm to develop,upgrade, manage and disseminate information for all application, time requirement of entities,data delivery accuracy and the processes. The ultimate goal of the former is to avoid anyissues or conflict developed as a result of mismanagement. The protocols and system of anEDM is an informational asset of the A4A.Members Information:The members of A4A and their details that have been kept by A4Ais their informational asset. The details of the member staff’s and their relation anddependency on the firm and vice versa is also an informational asset of the firm.
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