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Information SystemsCoursework 1: Programming inPythonTasksMark1.Construct a model of a byte adder based on the bit addermax 10%2.Specify an algorithm for integer addition based on binary operation max 10%3.Select suitable data structures to represent the informationmax 10%4.Create a program in Python 3 which implement the model of the adder max 40%5.Describe the programmax 10%6.Test the program with some sample data to demonstrate its behavior max 10%7.Write a report to present the workmax 10%Requirements1.ModelThe model must be based on the bit adder from the lecture in Week 3The model may include number of bit adders linked to form a byte adder.The model can be presented using suitable diagram created using drawing tool orgraphics editor of your choice (the bit adder can be a box with input and output only)2.AlgorithmThe algorithm for adding two integers must be based on the use of standard logicaloperations which have direct hardware implementation (AND, OR, XOR, NOT)It can use additional data processing operations which might be necessary tomanipulate the data (i.e., input/output operations, type conversion operations,information retrieval operations, bitwise data processing operations, etc.)
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