Information Technology in Human Resource : Project

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Project Title: Information Technology in Human ResourceIntroduction:The purpose of this task is to determine the value of information technology in human resource inorganisation. It also aims to high spot the strategic role of human resource for making effective humanresource planning in an organisation.February 2016At the beginning of this period 25 February 2017, I had an appointment with by advisor. He asked me toface at the titles and topics of the education book and asked me to choose three suitable topics andattempt to make positive that such three topics have adequate origin or real. Then I tried to visit theCentral Library of MLSU university. Then, I tried to survey on internet for more books and journals orarticles. Thus, appointment which I have made was for communication my quality. We had obdurate thethree topics and get the information in order to accept on one of them to be a title of my project. Finally,we accept to write about the value of information technology which are utilized in effectual humanresource management in an organisation. Then, I have switched to next pace that writing about theintroduction which consider all the subject matter which is affiliated to the topic. When I dressed writingthe information, I checked the report with my advisor on 26 February 2017.March to April 2016In this time period, I have started compositing literature review which has supported on books, journalsand articles etc. I tried to separated the literature into several part so that it detailed the importance ofinformation technology in human resource in an organisation. Then I switched to write the impact of theinformation technology in human resource and explained various tools & techniques which are essentialfor making effective human resource plan. In this way, I have accomplished by literature review andwent to checked by my advisor on 16 April 2017 and discuss each parts and make effective changes asper advisor feedback.May 2017At the final stage on 25 May 2017, I have switched to write the conclusion and recommendation as permy advisor's guidance and finished the report on 26 May 2017.Problem EncounteredI found difficulty to collect the sources of the project and also found difficult to makeappointment with the advisor.I also found difficulty to write the appropriate formate of project by using relevant data.I found the difficulty to organise my thought what I have written nicely.Conclusion
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