Information Technology Industry Analysis.

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Running Head: Information Technology Industry AnalysisINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY ANALYSIS[Document subtitle]
Information Technology Industry Analysis1IntroductionIn today's scenario, the Information Technology industry plays a vital role in the development ofthe US economy. Information technology always comes with a set of new techniques andprinciples that further improves the working of other industries too. The main motive of thispaper is to study the growth and working scenario of Information Technology industry of USA.In order to satisfy this aim, the paper defined the last five years growth of IT sector in domesticand export markets of the US. Apart from this, an explanation regarding SSI (including industrystructure, scenario, and institution) also conducted to study its legal and managementenvironment. Hence, it will provide valuable knowledge about the latest trends in InformationTechnology Industry of USA. Moreover, information technology industry failure andweaknesses also studied to identify the wrong and right actions taken within the industry for itsgrowth. Hence, it will provide a piece of significant information about industry weaknesses andpotential actions for further improvement. Also, a policy also framed to address its foremostcritical weakness. Therefore, it would be easy for its readers to understand IT sector growth inthe USA and potential actions in the near future.Information Technology industry of USInformation technology industry of the United States is one of the most powerful in the world.United State is one of the most powerful and advanced information technology and softwareservices industry in the world. It is found that due to increase in globalization and advancementin technological sector United State has gained a lot of significant it is because almost more thena quarter of the 3.8$ trillion global information technology market and firm is established andperforming in the United States. In the world, the United State is one of the largest Informationtechnology market which has pushed the United State economic to attain sustainable growth interm of gross domestic product. In relation with other industries, it is found that informationtechnology accounts significant growth in term of GDP which helped the United States inattaining economic growth in an effective and efficient manner (Schement, J. R. 2018). At theend of this section, it can be said that the information technology industry is performing verywell in the market at both the level that is domestic as well as international level. It is observedthat among other sectors of the industries information technology industry is one which ishelping the economy to grow in an effective and efficient manner.Discussion on IT sector current economic prospectsLast five years growth of IT sector in Domestic market of USSince the last five year, it is noticed that the Information technology sector in the United States isperforming well and growing with the pace of time.Industry contributions to changes in real gross domestic product