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Running head: STRATEGIC IT PLANNINGStrategic IT Planning Name of Student-Name of University-Author Note-
1STRATEGIC IT PLANNINGAnswer to Question 1:The three phases of strategic planning process are:Planning Phase- Planning Phase involves four steps of planning. A) EnterpriseVision: This planning is done by the senior leaders and management (Cummingsand Worley 2014). In this phase the leaders communicate and develop thestrategic plan of the enterprise for the upcoming two to five year. B) Technologyand Business Outlook: This step consists of team of senior management, IT andrepresentatives of business unit who develops the business and technologyoutlook for two to five years. C) Gap Analysis and Current State Assessment- thisstep analyses the current state of IT, processes and enterprise systems comparedto step 2. D) Strategies, strategic imperatives and the budget for the coming year-The investment plan, budget plan, road map and the priorities of the coming yearis developed (Epstein and Buhovac 2014). The annual budget of the company isapproved in this method and is taken for further for implementing. Decision- making Phase- Decision Making phase consists of GovernanceDecisions and Road map to IT. The government process that includes thesourcing and supplier selection is guided in this budget.Measuring and evaluation phase- This phase consist of the Balanced ScorecardReviews which records the performance on a monthly basis. This monthly basisevaluation helps to keep the evaluation updated without any mistakes.Answer to Question 2:

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