Initiate and Lead Applied Research Method

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BSBRES801Initiate and Lead Applied ResearchAssessment 1
Introduction:In the present time, there is huge competition in the retail sector as every organisationrequires huge growth and profitability. For attain this objective, corporation requiresimproving its quality of product and services and performance of business.Performance ofbusiness can improve by training and development of employees. It is one of the essentialmethod to improve the working style and criteria of business performance so that companycan achieve its determined objective in an effective and efficient manner. In a simple word itcan be said that training and development is a procedure to improve current and futureemployee's performance by increasing their knowledge, skills and ability. With assistance oftraining and development program, retail sector's organisation can easily enhance the level ofperformance and quality of work at workplace (Johnson and Christensen, 2010). The majorpurpose of the research is to find out the perfect solution of a particular problem. With help ofthe research, investigator can easily find out perfect solution of research issue. In the presentresearch study, the major objective of the investigator is to analyse the impact of training anddevelopment on the employee's performance and business productivity with respect of Marksand Spencer. It is one of the famous corporation which deal with customer product andservices and produce high quality of commodity. In order to meet determined objective ofresearch, investigator will focus on the research methodology and apply several techniques inthe study.Research purpose:To analyse the impact of training and development on the employee's performanceand business productivity: A case study of Marks and SpencerResearch questions:What is the terminology of training and development?What are different method of training and development within the businessenterprise?What are significance of training and development within the business enterprise forimproving business performance and productivity?What is the impact of training and development on the employee's performance andproductivity within retail sector ?Hypothesis being investigated:To explore the meaning and terminology of training and developmentTo identify several methods of training and developmentTo analyse the impact of training and development on the business productivity andemployees performance within retail sector
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