The Inner Life of the Disciple of Christ

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Running head: THE INNER LIFE OF THE DISCIPLE OF CHRISTTHE INNER LIFE OF THE DISCIPLE OF CHRISTName of the student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1THE INNER LIFE OF THE DISCIPLE OF CHRISTTo have a truly blessed life, one must understand the ways of God and understand howhis or her life is blessed to have the presence of God in it. To make our lives a truly meaningfulone, we must attain our inner lives, which is critically important to our life that we lead as a partof the society. Being able to get in touch with our inner self is like feeling the existence of Godaround us, and feel the love He has for us.We must understand that whatever we do, our every action and work are the will of Godand He is the only one who controls us. God is the savior, the refuge: who would shield usagainst any problems and dangerous situations. He is the Fortress (Psalm 91:2). He shall be theguide and the Shepherd who would deliver us from our sins and give us place beside Him foreternity. In Psalm 91:7, the Lord has said,“A thousand may fall at thy side, and ten thousand atthy right hand but it shall not come near thee”; and He shall be the protector.Being in touch with our inner selves makes us comprehend what we have been createdfor: to be one with Christ in the Garden of Eden. Psalm 116:1 preaches that everyone has lovefor the Lord and this love is also reflected by God as He protects everyone who loves Him andhas faith. Prayer is the single most useful tool and way that an individual can use to reach out tothe Lord and in the process also be more connected with his or her inner self.1 Samuel 16:7 clearly states that God and man views things in very different manners, asman only sees the outward appearance of things, but God looks at the heart of people. Thus Heloves a man for as he is, and not by the deeds or actions of men1. If we are able to keep our heartspure and follow the right direction, we should not be greatly concerned with our outer life. Wemust remember that it is Christ and His Father, who decide our fates and we are all driven by1Cassidy, Sheila, Jean Vanier, and Jean Vanier.Sharing the darkness: The spirituality of caring. New York: OrbisBooks, 1991.
2THE INNER LIFE OF THE DISCIPLE OF CHRISTthem. Gal. 2:20 has said “I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me.” The inner godliness of anindividual is the same as the love of God that prevails throughout the universe. An idealChristian life is beautiful both inside and outside.God is the savior and the refuge. He is the fortress (Psalm 91:2). Being aware of theconnection between our inner self and identifying the existence of God in it is the ultimateknowledge that is to be gained2. To know how we are a part of the universal vine and are simplya branch off the body of God, how are we connected with Him, is what that can ensure truepeace of mind. Psalm 27:13 says that everyone can witness the grace and goodness of the Lord inthe land of the living, and this is enough to feel the love of Him amidst everything in this world.Joshua 24:15 asks us to serve the house of the Lord with our time and our services must be givento Him.Every one of us has two different selves. One that we show and reveal to every otherperson, and the other one is ours. The latter one is not forecasted to others and this is somethingthat we keep to ourselves. This is where we can truly sense the existence of God in our lives andfeel that He is the one who controls everything and shields us fromevery possible harm.Whenindividuals try to enter into almighty’s presence, they must believe with faith, that he is the onewho is omnipotent along with omnipresent. He is surely the rewarder to those who assiduouslyseek him3. The father of all rewards every effort that is empowered by grace to be with him. Godactually leads guides and directs his disciples towards the truth; this truth shall be revealed rathercorporately and not individually. It might be not truth that while enjoying the presence of Godwould not at all guarantee that all the thoughts those individuals have are right, but it can surely2Borg, Marcus J.The heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a life of faith. Zondervan, 2009.3Palmer, Parker.Let your life speak: Listening for the voice of vocation. John Wiley & Sons, 1999.
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